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Tune up for only $59. All right, big weather all the gates and when it breaks, let's check it out. Good morning D in proffer and the WTO traffic sign. We start in Virginia. That's where all the fun has been. We start with crash activity that was on the ramp and apparently is no longer on the ramp from the north bath three 95 onto edsel road. Adjusted the cameras and that would generally tell me that this one is done in dust, you should have that ramp if not reopened now reopen soon exit two B that's when they carry you from three 95 doorbell onto westbound edsel roads out batters, never were affected by this, and the ramp to go east on Enzo wrote also unaffected. 95 door, there is a reported work zone northbound near Dale City, right lane was said to be getting by, can't spot this in the cameras, I have reason to believe it may or it may not be there, actually. Extra caution, if it's there, tell us what you're seeing there and anywhere that we ought to be telling the rest of the class about. 8, 6, 6, three, zero, four, WTO or send us a message if you can do so safely through the WTO app. On 66 inside the bellway there was work in the rosalyn tunnel with the left lane block and then outside the beltway. The bigger work zones are going to be near the fairfax county Parkway with the left lane getting by west boundaries continuing near the manassas rest area to the right in a single file that you make towards sudley road. Capitol beltway outer loop work after the GW Parkway was two to the right to get by. There was some work after Leesburg pike exit 47 for route 7 unclear what remains over on the left side, lots of lights and flashing tanks, but no serious issues and no slowing, certainly. Inter loop work is going to be after Georgetown pike two left lanes getting by Maryland watch for work on the ear loop at the capitol beltway near route one college park two to the right get by. Looking for a new car, the weight is over. That's your old automobile has hundreds of new and used cars to choose from, visit fit small dot com transparency you can trust. I mean Crawford WTO traffic. Tracking the next couple of days for you, you're Friday going to be much cooler, if not colder than it was out there on our Thursday, but we had 81°, 80 for the fourth time ever in our history in the D.C.

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