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Of the things we've found out with this new aero package if you get mired back in the dirty air you really pay a penalty to try to get back to the front. So Kyle Busch going for the sweep here this weekend. It just got a lot more. More difficult for the driver of the eighteen yesterday unscheduled pit stop late rather early in that race the Boyd gaming three hundred. He got down a lap bought his way back in one it. He's now got a hill to climb in the Pennzoil four hundred guy. I've had a chance to note for a long time Chris out Chris Paul runs the show here Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Closed off Chris nice crowd here today. Greg crowd here today. Doug for the Pennzoil four hundred on just that was breathtaking that dual that Kyle Busch and Joey looking on a staged here for the last twenty or thirty labs that was some of the best racing. We've seen in Las Vegas here. In a long time. Some good racing here. Especially in stage two stage one Kevin Harvick just off. I think they had to fill it out a little bit for for a while. But boy, did they get it going and stage two and it should set up for a tremendous ending today in stage. Three racing is looked a lot more competitive. Chris couple years ago you guys made the big move to a two race weekend. So coming up in September. We're gonna come right back here to Las. That's right. We're going to race at night or starting in the late afternoon on Sunday for the south point four hundred should be very excited another tripleheader weekend. We'll be having and with with with truck racing on Friday evening, and then the xfinity race on Saturday and coming back with the south point four hundred on Sunday should be really fun. It'll start off the playoffs. So, you know, what Las Vegas to sort of the king of the king of all this motor sports here over the last few years looking forward to it. We'll be back here in September by thank you very much. Thanks. I bow president and general manager here at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Alex Bowman the exalt.

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