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I'm allergic to every grass every tree cats dogs horses mold everything yeah so weird yeah i'm 'cause you seem like to me from a distance for the last like ten or fifteen years off the top of my head i would rank you among the guys who cut the coolest figure you seem like from the outside looking in like we can't get cooler than johnny knoxville is all i think you can get a lot cooler than right well that brings me to what i wanted to ask you then go ahead win place show the coolest guys you've known the coolest guys i've known you think but you think of yourself as a cool guy no if i wore what you wore people would laugh at me you walk in the room people like johnny knoxville's cool looking i think there's a problem if you're walking around thinking you're cool i don't like that guy you know thanks a lot all right who is cool willie nelson is cool again number one i'd be hard to be this is what like my dad would always try to get me to pick my favorite sister and i never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings so i'm just going to throw out names right throughout the name matt hoffman is cool he's like our evil knievel you know by the way i know you love knievel and so do i that was a time i don't think i don't think twentyfirstcentury children can relate what that was like isn't that you made all documentary and everything about it what a bizarre phenomenon in the seventies tv was all it was was just variety hours ratios yeah ships yeah and it was like sunny and share and captain and to kneel and flip wilson and like if you were famous you would have had johnny knoxville would have had the johnny knoxville variety hour if you had had popped at nine hundred seventy five that would have been your trajectory and amidst all that there's a guy who just dresses up in red white and blue and jumped his motorcycle over stuff.

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