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I hope it will be little better. It's like numbers are looking good. Now vaccination is going forward but still and then. It was march april last year. First lock down and while. I'm really calling it corona boom in online poker. That people went crazy. It was like all over the place just like the regular tables was just like one. K to k action was insane even more high stakes a running as well. And then. that's just me right than the competitiveness in my heart was just triggered. I can't do anything pretty much sitting here in my room In my office and play poker so yeah after all those years of playing tournaments. I got back into cash game but i mean. I'm not super overconfident. To say like yeah. I'm just way smarter than everyone. So i was definitely not one of the best so i needed to put lots of work in while again which was not the planet all but kinda the situation forced into that and Yeah so that was pretty much my last year putting a lot of work in And then playing a lot to be here now. Where i am again. Pretty much playing everything. That is running up to twenty k. When i think it's worth it so three that very very different plan outgrown came and says like okay. Now you're a fulltime high stakes poker player again because that's at least what is triggered. Neither this is my best option. Which i enjoy it actually. Yeah i enjoyed quite a lot. So it's lots of fun than like going through that process. Once more that in that way may be reminded me of two thousand fourteen fifty like those times where it was still for me about climbing up the stakes in reaching one level after another and Yeah so how did this transition happened. Because i know that. I remember we talked with you. I specifically remember one of the conversations. We had after the podcast where we were talking talking about. How comfortable you are and zoom grind and grinding the mid high stakes like the one k. Tables and stuff and you were just like. Oh you know it's it's so relaxing. I don't need to do much. I'm doing it..

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