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Laser something really high tech you powerful. And I think our unique contribution has been to use these very high tech expensive state of the art scientific measures. To prove how powerful these very simple and low tech and low cost interventions can be so e well is the first one. So let's stick with eat. Well for a second because he said something that I'm sure lots of people's ears are gonna park up to all the people who are on a high protein Kito type Palio type diet have just said, what did he say, let's dive into this a little bit because people will need it unpacked are appreciative. I mean, I'm I'm so tired of his diet wars. You know, I debated Dr Atkins numerous times in so many different forums before he died in his his autopsy, which was publicly released the died of heart failure. So it wasn't a tad. He's because his heart. His there was an article in England a medicine Stephen Smith wrote the looks at what happens in arteries on different diets and on a whole foods plant based I like, I recommend the arteries are clean on a standard American diet, which has the unfortunate, but probably appropriate acronym of sad. They're partially clogs and on Atkins, Kito, paleo, whatever. The latest version of that is there significantly clogged. Even if they lose weight even cholesterol levels, come down. And so that's why I approach would sets it off apart from all these others is that we have the science. We have the only randomized trials showing that these lifestyle changes can actually reverse heart disease, reverse prostate cancer, reverse other conditions like that. And we published in the Lancet and the New England Journal Madison in JAMA and circulation and the Americans of cardiology, and you know, all the leading peer reviewed medical journals because it works, you know, that's what it's work apart. I'd love to be able to tell people that an Atkins paleo Kito, diet, whatever can telling people what they want. Here's a great way to sell books and so on it's just not true. I mean, it's it what makes it so seductive in some ways dangerous is that it's based on a half truth and a half truth is that we Americans eat too much sugar. Intimidate refined carbs, no doubt about it. I mean, that's where we all. Agreed. It's where you go from there. What he replaced that with and replacing those with me and pork rice. And bacon and sausage. These are not health foods, you know, they will cause you to get sick and die prematurely. Whereas if you replace them with good carbs, fruits and vegetables, and whole, grains, and legumes and soy products. They not only don't make you sick. They have literally hundreds of thousands of substances that are anti cancer and heart disease and.

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