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With sock if he spilled water near your thing. But that's okay. Yeah yeah and one of the reasons. I have never looked into adding these to my home. Any water leak detectors don't always have an outlet near where i wanted monitor that is true and the puck is kinda large-sized so they also have an extension know that plugs into the puck in his really t ninety and that can go like underneath your washing machine or behind your water heater or underneath your water heater. Whatever you can even daisy chain the The cables to 'cause they're four feet long so you can create a twelve foot coverage area for leak detection which is nice. Yes i love. Having the cable be part of the sensor because it widens the area you can also do something like wrap that around a pipe and you can use that to detect smaller leaks on pipes. So okay very exciting. I like this expansion in the finn lineup and yeah so if you're all in on thinned you may want to check this out even if you're not i mean which i am not i would use this for forty bucks just to get the notifications now. Forty bucks gets you the big park if you want the cable. It's twenty five if you want. The t ninety little puck that goes onto the cable. That's tents so now you're back at seventy five which is the honeywell's sensors about seventy and it could shoot the cable and the honey will need an outlet. The honeywell does not need an outlet. And i just took a look at it and it is right now. It is eighty dollars so yeah so finn is still slightly cheaper there you go but you can also daisy chain cables together and that sort of thing. Okay oh but it doesn't have flashing lights on the sensor itself. It does make a really loud noise. Might dog hated it when i was testing it..

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