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Yes. People welcome to the second hour of power. Actually this is power hour number. Three on no no one second now scarred. Welcome to the second hour of power. Thank you here on double toasted movie extravaganza eight big crumbs power hours. This is ladies and gentlemen. We are a big crime this year. I am cova coleman over here have the great. Oh shit that's right. Yes i like that graduated. Thank you i appreciate it. Thanks diploma the. Hey never get lost. Will you know what your man now. We're not allowed to you. Thank you link incheon. Welcome to the show everybody to have you here. Welcome to our second power our our second hour of power if you will big crumbs what is this. You were just talking about movies. Not his craziness is coming up. What the hell you doin' people were combined into shows. I you saw the movie review. Show that we do. And now we are onto the video game discussion. Show that we do here on double toasted which just a dash variety don't hit. Don't not too much now. I wanna ruin the stats right now folks. We have a lot of stuff to do. Hit a day making good time though. It's good that make an actual actually very good time here and you know what asking the last show got asked his new show coming up right now house. My stream is a good so far. I changed a few things over here and want to make sure that the stream was going to run smooth because it's been choppy the last few nights and figured out why not going to go into details but i think i fixed it so i think that we nothing but smooth sailing. All alrighty say all good well folks you know what we said it for the last show but we gotta we gotta get together fresh for this when people ladies and gentlemen you saw them in the first hour power they have back again for more power than our gentlemen still here with. This is the chad fan starring. Og chat and them side bitches over there. How ya doing bitches was up over here. Who still with att harder or ut hard ardor. We have main two hundred s meals. Video club random. Ooh that sounds like a fun place. The black knight lawrence nineteen nine hundred laws house. Celebrity toasty slayer zero nine. Six is up in here with you. Cartoon muppet goes fox. Twelve still here. The hard boiled one no hit harder than ever more boiled. The is not good at all. Oh too tall. Two thousand four is is. What's up. chris. Yes they say witnessed us angry as i was wondering i was just thinking about you angry. And thank you luke. The bosses i'm here. Everybody stopped playing boss bosses here. We work we work in an angry age. Just gimme dem crumbs up in here. We got to give. Oh hello. hello. Chris how're you doing horrible and says hard indeed him. Yes don't you forget it sexual king larry's is her in her killer. Oh by the way they got it right there. We didn't mention this but for what will they give luca people use a channel points for that and they got us right man. Yeah like they know us better than i thought they did. Eighty two percent set. Yes that would give it a matinee tempests full price simpson says rental to percents that better than sex but nobody thought that we would give some more bullish not jostle saw consensus a lot of people. It's like it's good. Let's knock pixar best films. It's entertaining that. I don't know oh corey. I sent you a quick email. Is it quick though. You're never quick people say that and then it's like read these three paragraphs and look at this video. Peron's email right here. Email can get you around email man. I'm gonna read it after all. You gave twenty very generous very generous. Love you math for gonna turn a gut you man couple of dinners on me by by a lot of drinks we're gonna make good man was wondering. I know this is the second part of the show. I'm not expecting it now. But i was just waiting to see you know since the fresh show with the hype train. Not not not not expecting one because we can get into this into this. We get outta town really. Yes really for raw austin manta gushing man. You know you've been so nice to us. I guess. I gotta do some nice shit for you. I'm sure you got all your shots. Up there in canada so he can come down. What's the about inputs. Twenty six right now. Young are totally. Because i feel like wires. Yeah i know what i'm hitting. The wire with some plastic wrap around. It is hard. Plus like is that his name. Chris the rapped over here for us. But i don't drink you will damage. I'll come with. We'll fix that awesome. Awesome when you get off in this town. There's alcohol in the atmosphere. I'll have good sober in the scared. Get drowsy really. Oh let's see here. Who puts the cold feet on. Who i do i do is the alberta relationship you know what i'm waiting for somebody to put put bertone. Black face appears as you would on black bass. Put a beard on luca swap or heads up. You gotta do to swap ahead very simple. Yeah even though berkeley..

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