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Just getting started that's keep dreaming up why an air flight that only had crew on board flying between everett's paine field and seatac no one was hurt and they are still investigating what caused it it took a shocking twisted a rented the firefighters found the body of a man who hadn't been seen for two years the house fire happened last friday investigators think the men may be brothers one body was found in the backyard and they believe that man was they younger brother of the homeowner they do not believe he died a foul play but a missing persons report was never filed for him the homeowners body was found in a bedroom president trump just left south korea will spend the next couple of days in china as it continues his world when trip to asia tonight instructed a south korean national assembly issued a stern message to north korea today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all all civilized nations what i say to the north's do not underestimated us and do not try us after meeting with the president in china president trump will travel to vietnam and then the philippines the the president's been following the election result from overseas and the only two governors races democrats of won seats including a expect a decisive victory in yet and if we bring up tagore president trump tweeted about eggless these defeat there in virginia goes be worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for just fifteen hours earlier he said tweets backing the candidate ralph i'm one of the race and a new jersey democrat bill murphy a former us ambassador to germany we'll be new jersey's x governor republican chris christie leaving office now after reaching the state's term limit of two consecutive terms that i should first overly transgender state legislator has been elected in virginia data karol beat out republican incumbent rome focused her campaign on jobs schools and traffic tomorrow vice president mike pence told his at sutherland springs texas to meet with victims of this weekend's trick shooting and their families meanwhile.

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