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Unfortunately with all the things we're dealing with this but this coronavirus we're all going through collective trauma so we're seeing more and more of these vivid dreams and nightmares it's not uncommon to have sleep disruption and nightmares during trauma but would also is happening is some of those because we're not working our schedules are disrupted and we're we're sleeping in we're actually getting more sleep and you have more dreams right before you wake in in the morning so most of us are actually experiencing dreams for the first time so we're finding our dreams are more vivid because we just haven't had the opportunity to really get good quality sleep doctor Asch says social distancing is hiding or anxiety and disrupting our sleep because it affects our sense of self when you disrupt your sleep at night it activates the part of the brain for protection so you have to have a greater sense that your space is being violated you you really don't even want to be around people so it magnifies that sense of isolation and loss so it's not as bad as we think we're gonna get through this stick to the social distancing and we really can can cope it's the way the brain works it's giving them a cent per scene additional sense of loss and isolation Dr Carol ash sleep specialist and chief medical officer at RWJBarnabas health in New Jersey four forty eight at W. C. yes traffic and weather together sponsored by security Dodge here's Tom Kaminski all right let's go back on over to the B. Q. we southbound side of Atlantic Avenue this afternoon there in that spot we've got a stalled tractor trailer in the center lane but just like yesterday we've got some very big delays right across the Brooklyn Bridge back onto the FDR drive southbound delays back almost toward that area of grand street so very heavy on the southbound side of the F. E. R. as well as right across the Brooklyn Bridge and we've also had other problems on the FDR drive on the northbound side the seeing some very heavy volume in through the mid sixties and then heavy again as we get on up to just shy the RFK bridge around a hundred and sixteenth street we had a crash at least one lane was blocked there we still have some southbound delays too as we get in for the area of the mid seventies had some earlier problems there they have been cleared but westbound cross Bronx just use some caution around that area the Bronx river over three Third Avenue very rough road surface there I'm Tom Kaminski in the W. CBS traffic center.

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