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Tommy John's dot com. So as I say there is bias Google, but very few. The people on the hill actually know enough about Google to understand how the bias actually operate. So for example, you have Democrats had Lou from out here in California. And he says that the only reason they're bad search results for people like Steve Scalise is because Google is unbiased and because Steve Scalise jerk. So basically, the Google results are reflective of the fact that they're a bunch of jerky Republicans. So if everything is biased to the left, it's not because they're biased because Republicans are terrible people. If you want positive search results do positive things if you don't want negative search results don't do negative things. And do some of my colleagues across Iowa getting bad press articles and bad search results, don't blame Google or Facebook or Twitter conservative blaming yourself. Except for the fact that that's not exactly how Google Facebook and Twitter war here is how it works. So Eric wine who a friend of mine L member of the intellectual dark way, probably in all honesty. It's founder he's a guy who is the the the business head of Peter feels. Empire in peer THEO. Of course, major investor originally in Facebook a major in. He was the creator of pay pal. Nobody knows the internet better than Eric doesn't mean Eric really knows what he's talking about. And here is what he says is Google literally tells you how bias your view of the world only they call it unbiased an unbiased thing is supposedly politically neutral. It's just an of woke engineers conservatives are typically biased by history privilege, biological, essentially, etc. And so he says of Google CEO Sundar Pichai says do you unbiased these are questions, we'd asked you unbiased searches you think are biased under an internal fairness initiative to Google find that history can represent latency bias findings in biology and psychology can lead to exclusion by us. Economic theory can lead to inequality bias etcetera. So in other words, what he's saying is that Google biases through its unbiased thing because they were just allowed to allow you full stream of information to carry forth. Then what would end up is maybe a bunch of right wing stuff that people are interested in. So instead, they unbiased the results to ensure that conservatives are downplayed he says if you found conservatives or likely to believe in more traditional interpretations. Of gender biology markets military, power ethnicity, religion, borders psychology wealth achievement with they'd be more likely to be unbiased by Google. That's how this works L someone to the shot at this line of questioning, but I'm writing this as a non conservative because there's no bias game is moronic. We don't need fresh faces we need tough folks in congress with technical backgrounds who can operate in all areas or Google operates. In other words, somebody has to set the parameters somebody has to set the parameters for all of this. Somebody has to set the parameters for how these algorithms work in the first place, and how the biasing operates and Google is doing so in bias fashion as Eric says, and the fact that folks in congress don't really get it is pretty astonishing, by the way, there is some pretty solid evidence of bias inside. Google Representative Matt Katz in Florida, he slammed the bias at this hearing yesterday, Google, I would strongly suggest that one of the crisis response tools that you use is an investigation into the discourse of your employees on resisting the Trump presidency resisting, the Trump agenda, and then smothering some of the conservative outlets. To amplify that content. And I think that's completely wrong about this. A piece of breaking news that I didn't get to earlier breaking news is that Michael Cohen has now been sentenced to three years in prison for campaign finance violations. The idea here is that he again was ordered to commit these campaign violations at the behest of President Trump as I said earlier, I think that that is a stretch according to CNN Michael Cohen has now been sentenced to three years in prison. President Trump's former lawyer and fixture. Michael Cohen said he takes responsibility for the actions he has previously played guilty to during his appearance in a New York federal court on Wednesday Conan's in court to be sentenced as part of special counsel Robert Muller's investigation into Russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen election. He says I take full responsibility for each act, I plead guilty to the personal wants to me and those involving the president of the United States of America in court Wednesday morning Cullens attorney offered a swing case for leniency comparing the significance of Collins actions of the work of the special counsel. So the Watergate investigation he said the cooperation here should be viewed against a nonstandard framework the special counsel's office invest. Gatien is of utmost national significance. No less than seeing forty years ago in Watergate. So therefore he should be let off because they're going after the president now again. Critics of the prosecution here are going to say that Cohen didn't actually commit a campaign finance crime. Even if he did commit a campaign finance crime now has to get established that he did. So at the behest of President Trump, and that Michael Cohen is basically pleading guilty because he was guilty of a bunch of other ancillary crimes, and therefore he is pleading guilty to these ones specifically or to get off on other ones. Suffice it to say is not good news for the president of the United States during his remarks cone addressed the president's comment referring to him as weak, but said, it was for much different reason reason content, quote, recently, the president tweeted a statement calling me week, and it was correct. But for much different reason than he was implying because time and time again, I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds. He said his action stands for this is the the attorney for calling his actions stands in profound. Contrast to the decision of some others not to cooperate and allegedly to double deal while pretending to cooperate. In addition to the disclosures from the us attorney's office in Manhattan about Trump's participation in payments to silence women Muller also supplied fresh revelations on the president on Friday. New information on the set of efforts to communicate between Trump his associates in the Russian government. According to CNN, they tried to quote Cohen is saying that he was meeting with Russian government officials. But again, none of that is necessarily illegal. So the net seems to be tightening around President Trump here. Although again, I think there's a pretty solid case to say that President Trump is not guilty of criminal enterprise coming up. It looks like the Democrats have a new front runner for.

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