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So couple of things that I hate there's a new story out from the Wall Street Journal today talking about how the White House may soon be making concessions to Dianne Feinstein Kamla Harris about appointing leftist judges to the ninth circuit court of appeals. Ye here's what the Wall Street Journal story says says President Trump's best achievement has arguably been judicial selection from the supreme court, the appellate circuits to district court nominees. He is remaking the federal courts so more than a few eyes widen this month when the White House omitted three names from the list of fifty judges. Mr. Trump sent back to the Senate, what intrigue gives three missing names were Californians nominated to the ninth circuit court of appeals last year. Two other ninth circuit nominees. Eric Miller of Washington and brigid bu- beta Zona renominated, but Daniel Collins, Kenneth Lee and Patrick Bouma Tae withheld because the White House is negotiating with Dianne Feinstein and combo Harris. Ms Feinstein and the White House counsel's office have been pen pals on this for some time in November letter to new White House counsel, Pat chip alone. This Feinstein miss Harris requested that the White House worked with us to reach an agreement on a consensus package of nominees. The Democrats wanted pick one name from the White House list one from their own a third consensus nominee why in the world with the White House agree with us why in the world would they do this? They're suggesting that maybe they're doing this to buy this support for nominee to replace beta Ginsburg, are they insane. Are they insane? If the White House is doing this. They must be off the rockers if they believe the Kamla Harris Dianne Feinstein, well, hold by any deal that allows them to vote for a conservative replacement for Ruth, Bader Ginsburg out of their mind. First of all if we've better Ginsburg dies in the next two years, there will be riots in this country over the supreme court. There will be because Democrats are not going to stand for an actual swing vote moving to the right. This is why they're already writing their writing eulogies for her in movies, right? They're already doing movies like on the basis of sex, which looks more boring than any movie other than. Like actual drying of paint on film. They're making full. Hey, geographies of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the notorious rby if she dies. Well, Trump is in office all hell will break loose. You really think you're gonna count on Dianne Feinstein and Kamla Harris to come to your aid in this Mr President my goodness. This would be so stupid. This is from biggest it's his biggest accomplishment. If he blows it it will be a massive massive fail. Okay. Meanwhile, another thing that I hate today. So there's a piece today, but Stuart Taylor of real clear investigations about the take down of Roland fryer junior. Excuse me, I've mentioned professor fryer before on the program. He did a study last year all about police violence against black folks, he came up with the conclusion that in fact, black folks were not shot as often as white folks in similar situations by the police, which was controversial finding will. Now friar is under fire. Here's what real clear investigations reports in December fourteenth two thousand eighteen piece. The New York Times set the stage. Age by noting, and it's opening sentences that Roland fryer junior had attained tenure at Harvard received a MacArthur genius grant and one the most prestigious award for young American economist in the second paragraph came to take down, but his rapid ascent has taken. It troubling turn. It's Harvard officials review a university investigators conclusion that Dr fryer fostered, a work environment hostile to women one filled with sexual talk and bullying this article and Harvard's office for dispute resolution resolution have made a near pariah of the youngest black professor ever tenured at Harvard AMAN boards, poverty, who still much mired among many, former female, and male subordinates and other people who know him well and who see the attacks on him as tinged with racism and metoo overreaction. His also admired among experts for his pioneering scholarship on how best to educate poor and minority children and other racial gender issues in an article littered with sins against on his journalism the times vastly overstated the criticism of fryer in a confidential Eighty-one page November report by the office of dispute resolution, which has a staff of ten eight women and two men. The report seems suddenly and SC. Skillfully biased against a man, whom ODI are branded a sexual harasser for among other things..

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