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Outing today expert, cruises dot com. Five twenty three. All right. Let's get the skinny. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Okay. They're waiting through it all Mike. What do you see out there? Laureates along slow ride for pretty much everyone today, including folks on the mass turnpike. Westbound delays now from Allston Brighton to the state police barracks. Eastbound jammed up from one twenty eight in past route sixteen and then delays starting around Fenway park right in towards ninety three tough going four ninety five southbound all brake lights from route twenty down to the turnpike to the north one twenty eight northbound's crawling through Waltham and again from route three up into Wakefield southbound delays through that Dan verse Peabody stretch, then for new twenty-five down into Waltham ninety three north a crawl from this Achim bridge. Most of the way a pass commerce way. Route three is a grind one twenty eight past concord road up after four ninety five. Let's see how things are shaping up downtown. With your mom Frei insurance road report. It remains slow here in the lower deck for back around the Schrafft's that are down for the fridge in the tunnel. The Leverett down ramp continues to crawl all the way down to Storrow drive. The lever up rats fact up waiting to get into the work zone of the Tobin bridge that has thorough drive eastbound jammed solid back towards the. View for this point over these foster. The subway tunnel is still back to the airport and the Ted Williams tunnel westbound to back into the terminals at Logan crested Frei insurance rotor for and Mike king for WBZ's traffic on the threes. And now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast with meteorologist John Feerick. And we are so happy to see the sun. This is the prize because it's been cloudy,.

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