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You had a lot of slow guys that are great blockers and they'll get open here and there you know when you when you started you know and you go back to the jimmy grams when he was playing at new orleans and of course he's at green bay now but there are a lot of these titans jared cooks another good goodwin that the raiders have your take on this i love i love roquan strength i think you the best outside linebacker in the strath i acquaint his game to like von miller four denver i think the one thing when you look at roquan smith his ability to run sideline to sideline nineteen with over one hundred thirty seven total tackles six sacks and his ability not just on tight ends county but his ability to cover running backs in the short team to media passing game is where he's gonna make his money on the next level you could utilize them like von miller as an edge rusher he dominated the sec dominated offensive lineman in that type of butch packages so i have no problem with indianapolis taken them or which miami we take him at number twelve along with lamar jackson but i can't get my wish each and every week for the nfl draft because my team is in desperate need of help for this coming season like the guy from hootie and the blowfish they they make you cry no doubt about it all right number seven and i've everybody i've seen on mike has tampa bay taken derwin james from florida state if he's left i got him with mike fitzpatrick fitzpatrick but i know joe said it denver would be better spot form but if he's around at seven i think tampa my makeup play for him what about joe and what about derwin james again this this guy you know it was definitely the leader that florida state defense how good pro will derwin james b yeah well i think a lot of people are making the comparison jalen ramsey her coming out for florida state a couple of years ago how we dominated four jacksonville i can say this i don't think derwin james is the.

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