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With somebody outside of their. How old and exposing themselves to the risk of Covid, nineteen or not voting all a ruling from a separate lawsuits, the requirements should be lifted, and the secretary of State plans to wave at this longest because of that decision. However in the League of women voters case, the judge declined to grant a consent decree. That would ease such rules. The judge said the decree did match the level of concern raised by the plaintiffs. Finally Marry Sherman tells. US forecasters continue to predict at the annual harmful algal bloom on lake. Erie will be smaller than the twenty nineteen blue, the latest weekly early season projection from Noah estimates on a scale of one to ten. With the severity between three and five. Laura Johnson is director of the National Center for Water Quality Research at Heidelberg University which releases the projection. She says that's a smaller bloom than others in recent years. It's probably going to affect the areas that are affected. No matter what so, that's GonNa. be through that Mommy Bay area, but we don't expect it will have nearly the extent as what we saw two thousand and fifteen when it was taking up the whole, Western based on twenty nine hundred bloom, how to severity index of seven point three reached a maximum size of about seven hundred square miles. The typical bloom season runs from July to October. This is my Clifford for public news service. We are member and Melissa supported and online at public news service DOT ORG. We're on Sirius Xm to eleven. IHEART radio TUNEIN radio, just to search for sports, overnight America our from a to from the Valley of the Sun as Phoenix Arizona, and it's hot here in the summer, but we are like fifteen almost twenty year veterans Living about six miles from the surface of the Sun. and Are you acclimated point. Oh very much so I mean I was uncomfortable in the pool. It was like one hundred eight, and there was a breeze comes bumps, chills shows. People just aren't going to understand that if they're not. If. They were from where we're from doubt, but that's. But everybody else take summer vacations and they were they lived is probably the very best..

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