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I back to the phones we go Rush Limbaugh having more fun than a human being he is Joe in Sheboygan Wisconsin don't come and take a quick story about should mark when I was growing up in in my hometown Cape Girardeau we had the local the local news ma'am did the weather's well don McNealy was his name KFVS TV channel twelve always game the weather in Sheboygan and nobody in the journal cared all we're about what was happening in Sheboygan he just liked to say the word so I knew growing up what the weather in temperature in Sheboygan work every day I watch television growing up I just thought you should know that what about thirty five degrees here today rush but we're all alive warmed up by listening to you and the great information that you share thank you Sir let me let me just say make a dentist Maharashtrian and rush what better title could you have than my how Russia so I don't think that anything else is worthy than my how rushing for you Hey I'm a long time listener first time caller actually started listening to you back in the early nineties when I was in the people's Republic Madison as a rear conservative student Madison yeah yeah yeah yeah I appreciate the information that you shared with me throughout the past thirty years it's helped me to be a good well informed of older and a good citizen that's the I appreciate that you know what that's very very nice of you to say yeah and before I talk about the president's call yesterday into the E. I'd be I just want to mention as well my my son William he's dying he's gonna be envious he's at school today but he has read all five of the rush with your books any read them about two years ago when he was seven and literally for the past two years every Friday that he's been home from school when they're off he's tried to call into the IP network and he hasn't been able to get through but I will I sure this call him today he's a huge fan of restaurant here I finally broke down and got on the liberty dollar this Christmas yeah and dat dat got a off the end of the bedrock featured well hang on when we finish the call because we've got a whole package of stuff from revere ville that we will love to send him is that he's so hang on that will get your address and stuff at the end of the call Williams got forty three first cousins so he's trying to get all of them to read all five books and he's really hoping that you'll write more books you know whether the about the electoral college which I'm trying to educate them about who knows maybe even impeachment I think rush revere liberty could have some great ventures with those two subjects as well god bless let me tell you about how excited I was yesterday you're the president was gonna be calling in at your show my wife and I actually rearranged our entire schedules for the afternoon so that we could have a chance to listen to the president and I really want to compliment the president for reaching out to all of us are your great listener base and sharing with us all a lot of information and insight as to some of the things that he's involved in right now but rush I I really believe that bigger compliment has to go to you and you and also your listeners obviously the work that you do behind the golden G. I. B. microphone in all of us use your listeners across this great nation we are a respected and appreciated constituency I'm just a humble that the president of the United States.

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