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Contention browns were eliminated yesterday check out rob wood forks NFL recap on the sports page at WT dot com NBA wizard so Charlotte this evening at 7 on 1500 a.m. men's college troops Americans came with Lafayette slated for tomorrow has been postponed due to COVID concerns within the eagles program AU guard Elijah Stevens takes patriot league rookie of the week honors This week's top 25 Baylor remains number one Maryland is in action tonight at Iowa That's a 9 o'clock start Dave Preston WTP sports Thank you Dave four 46 If you have unfiled taxes or are in debt to the IRS this is important news The IRS just rolled out a new program to help struggling taxpayers more easily resolve their tax problems It's called the taxpayer relief initiative And it opens up powerful new options for people looking to get back on the right track with the IRS and no one knows this program like the professionals and optimate tax relief America's most trusted tax resolution company they've resolved over $1 billion in tax debt for their clients and have the expertise and experience to help you One easy call to optimum can start the process helping to put an end to your worries of wage garnishment Asset seizure And other aggressive IRS actions make today the beginning of your fresh start with the IRS Call the experts at optima tax relief now for your free confidential consultation Call 808 9 three 41 33 That's 808 9 three 41 33 808 9 three 41 33 For complete details please visit optimum tax relief dot com Four 47 When someone first.

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