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A is the Marcus smart. Edis where it's like. I got this and it's like no you not even sure you should be out there with five minutes left. He's he's to me like you almost want him the way the Celtics used Daddy House. Two Thousand Eight. That's my dream Jamal Crawford scenario. Give me an awesome sixteen minutes a game instant offense and then kind of stay out of the way if I'm trying to win a title if I seven eight minutes left in the fourth quarter against subbed out. Yeah you have to. You can't plan He played seventy four playoff games. Thirty nine percent fuel goes shooter. Thirty one percent from three the other thing with him. There was this thing like that. He was awesome three point. Shooter knew he just wasn't you know he was like he was the master of the four point. Play which you know. Congratulations that's great. But that's not helping me when a title he was that good of a three point shooter and it was one of those guys that always seem like the shot was going to go in but it went in a lot less than I think people remembered. So I'm I'm sure people are. Listen is going wait a second. What was wrong with Jamal Crawford? Who's awesome like sorry He's Today's player. Isn't that nice piece to have on a team but You know just not as good of a shooter as I think he thought he was. He played in big cities. Chicago NEW YORK ATLANTA. La Yellow had a little bit of time with Minnesota Phoenix at the end. Yet a portland run there but he like hit all the major markets. I love that. He has a nice New York stretching there. He actually went for twenty game with the Knicks when he was twenty seven but he has become oddly overrated. A little bit. Because we've seen the cross over a million times on the Internet and it's sick. We've seen him shake people pull up from deep. The four-lane plays I wouldn't say like he's not even close whenever we start going like historic great shooters of all time. You're not talking about tomorrow. I think everybody really likes him. Okay that's capable. I love this guy so overrated like I feel guilty even saying that a little bit but the idea of him is. He's a really good player. He had a really long career. He came out really. Early was just one year at Michigan. But I think everybody loves this dude. Every time I see him on a panel or some show like guys light up a little bit so he's held up a little bit higher than the fact is that you know. Look he was never. I don't think of him like I never felt like Jamal Crawford was a star and I think sometimes he's talked about that way so two things there one of the most popular actual players with the other players. I think he's like on a short list of just do everybody. Everybody loved them also really popular with the media and there was a year when I would the last time. He won the sixth man award or he was up for it and it was just insane that he that he was even a candidate. But I think just the media really liked him. He was always really gracious and thoughtful and awesome to everybody. And you know it's smart. It was well played but You know I think if he's playing thirty five minutes for you you're not you're not making around to the playoffs. I don't think My six pack. This is where it gets dark just for the people listening. Here's is on the board right now. No particular order. Most Peterson quitting Richardson Desmond. Mason Joma glory there smiles. Eddie House to Sean Stevens San Joel Priscilla Joe. Brazil should have gone with Joel principle. I think he would have been more intimidating There's a little speedy claxton. Ed Eduardo. Now Harare undrafted Balik Allen. I like now. Harare Kion Dueling. That's really what we're looking for here. So I'M GONNA go with Quentin Richardson because for two years. Oh four or five u sixteen and six almost seven threes. A game made thirty six percent. Not Great but not awful but was you know in modern times more of a three and D Guy. Who could rebound a little bit a little bit ahead of his time? I liked him on the sense teams. he was fun with DERAs miles when they were doing the tap their head thing. I think he was a of lagged teammate. In different places and his career was bad. He became kind of a contract. Figure there for the second half of it but at least I know he could contribute to good team because we saw it. So I'm taking him sex Clinton Richardson. He could have been in the mix. Maybe for five. Yeah he ended up being a nice player in in a good role player. Where I think you're right. You knew kind of exactly. We were getting from him and then they did have that little. Run there with clippers where it was just so much fun but again. That's not necessarily what we're drafting. And that also means a dairy miles is still available. Which I imagine will be available for this draft by the way was one of the drafts that Kinda was like. Hey so little wakeup call here. Stop falling in love. The long athletic guys long length. Because Strom all swift is the poster child for that one love storm Auschwitz coming out Stromer swift was almost instant flame out. I was going back and Reading Billy Knight who was the GM that pulled the trigger. Do you remember the head coach? Vancouver in two thousand was due. Jackson is Sidney Lowe. Oh yeah he was the nego like nine and forty one or some some terrible record six and forty two four day. I went back and read the article of them being interviewed after the pick. They mentioned hey. This guy's young like every other sentence every other sentence and one thing. I've always noticed with busts. It's unbelievable how often the repeats itself. Is that you. Don't play nearly as well your rookie year. And then what they do is they give you a ton of minutes in your sophomore year to prove that you do actually suck and you'll see so many guys that weren't good. That have this real nice. Bob and his best career year was his second season right. And it's not because he improved and then fell off because they actually gave you more shots and forced the issue with you. Ran More stuff through you just to make sure they could okay. We actually made a mistake here so I stopped. It was kind of my Earl Clark Reckoning Earl Clark Louisville long score did some stuff at Louisville and I go you know what but if you if you're just long and I don't see that you have real basketball skills this this draft fuck with my head so bad because I was stopped loving all these really tall guys that can't dribble and can't shoot the first one. Was Brad sellers going back to the eighties? Wow that's first time where I was just out on those type of guys from that point on 'cause I'm Jay kind of needed Brad sellers in the late eighties. And he was a staff like he you know he was the six eleven guy who couldn't shoot a rebound said who who what's left. Are we doing yeah we do? Why are you out there and you and your soft so yeah? I was shocked to find out. Stromer swift played for nine seasons. I don't remember I honestly. If if we are to the bigger basketball fans I would love to just talk to random people if you should be a rigorous series. What was your favorite strobe miles swift? Memory 'cause I have none. I don't remember anything about his career. The head dunk on Was another lsu. Guy Who also is one of my other guys tyrus Thomas Thomas. Yeah right so tires Thomas Wade. Save it for the. Oh six redraft ables. Because that's when we got to do because I remember I was on a flight with a GM leaving. Virginia after the Portsmouth Tournament and I go this tyrus Thomas run because you know he and Davis had that really nice round he goes. Oh my God and he sold me on Thomas. I'm still young and impressionable. He sold me because he goes not only can tie up. Thomas do all this stuff. You can run your offense. He's the sickest happy all these different things and I go. I gotTa Stop Liking these guys. All the tires had a little bit more well rounded stuff in his game but Yeah Strauss with memory. It was going around this week because everybody sent it to me because they know how I feel about. Strom out swift is he. Dunks on tyrus. Thomas and tires gets back to the play to try to reject it and swift. I mean the dunk is one of the best dunks you've seen in a game. It's dat awesome of a dunk but you get a little bit older. You start thinking who do I wanNA marry versus you? I want to date and your valuations. Get better I have an incredible strom out swift fact for you career record in the playoffs. Owen seven games not net series. Never WanNa be you wear seven. Not Playoff routes games owned seven. Never WanNA play game nine seasons so who you taking seven. You didn't tell me he actually got a decent second contract by the gets to that but the thing is he made forty two million forty three million those good athletes who could offensive rebound with. Just throw you off the scent you know you watch. Someone gave the Ed Pinkney was like that too. Picked it was way better this drama swift but those those lanky forwards who could like just get put back that guy. Oh it was. It was always deceiving. Who Do you have at seven? Strowman was done as a starter. Twenty five years old. Now all right Going through the board here going through the board. We could probably speeded up at this point of the of the redraft almost added material so I I.

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