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It really robbed her of the ability and her campaign of the ability to steer that narrative, and it was just impossible to spin it at that point. Yeah, it's the old. The old saying holds true if you are defending yourself in any kind of political sphere than you are automatically losing. The fascist were right about it the the Republicans and the Democrats were right about it. It's just sort of the part of the Part of the house rules of these terrible terrible games, but there you have it. Here's the takeaway. Single man, flesh and blood, just as many of the people listening to this show today are. Unelected himself was able to shake the world. You can understand why so many powerful people consider him dangerous. When we last left Julian Assange, he had been removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy. All indications appeared that he would continue on a legal battle at a glacial pace, likely from prison, as he sought to avoid extradition, and probably in his mind possible death in the United States so where are we at now will answer the question after a word from our sponsors. iheartradio and the US Census Bureau wanted to do something special for the class of twenty twenty, so we made commencement a new podcast with words of inspiration from the biggest names.

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