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Hey everyone tyler here. This is our interview with stuart braithwaite of the band mog If you're not familiar with why they are a scottish rock band who've been around for over twenty three years putting out and soundtracks special. Thank you to paul divine for connecting us and said helping set up this interview It would not have happened without paul. So thank you paul and if you want to see us interview more people try tweeting them and get connecting with them with us I'd love to talk to tries. Dave grohl Paul mccartney anyway just enjoy the interview stewart. Thank you for joining us You kind of got in touch with each other because You posted a twitter post raving about the new song exposure episode on netflix nash. Nails and song and how much a big of a fan of nails and then one of our fans can reply to that and said. Hey you should check out this other podcasts And that's kind of where. I stepped in and kind of said. Oh man to be really cool to chat about before the flood and understands and we're we started out his niche now covering ninety nails. An our podcast. So maybe we'll just kinda start with chattan about an inch nails and how how the three of us are all big fans of of men. How did you get into nineish. Ails stewart. I mean i. I think the timing for me was really paraphrase. The the chemo. Just when i was like getting into music. And i soon remember picked up from seven inch of head like a hole Like a department store here in the uk. Robots isn't even there anymore. Like i just totally like just like really really loved it. And then the the preheat machine album like just completely rents that was. That was the podcast that you guys blessing to listen to one so far on a really a really dug like debt. Un and to do. It's like a record of a new. Ncaa like actually a lot just less than you guys talking. That's awesome basically the the music the music theory saint of it. Which i've just never thought i do play the keyboard central play. This owns i. Just i'm just a fine but Yeah it was a it was a blast. But yeah but i've been a huge fan and man Being in the weird possession of a can mutuel respects situation with the bonds and trained a bunch of times and then like as will probably go onto again invite sick to be involved in the afford. The fly jam movie soundtrack with them which was amazing. Really cool actually is good of a segue is any how that collaboration.

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