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Four and k d. has a ripped through drive to the right baseline. Pull up over tucker to get him within two with forty seconds left and so you know the nuts get the two for one. They're sitting pretty and then. Chris middleton misses a long three and pj tucker just completely another insane offensive. Rebound mentioned how stagnant that possession was for the bus. They didn't do anything no they did. They didn't even really get the matchup that they wanted. For middleton he ended up just having to go against like thought about setting a screen and then you kind of wait away. Didn't get into it. And so tucker grabs the rebound with you just punch it out. A former among like four nets. Yeah and then and so so you wonder at that point. You know the the bucks control was about eighteen seconds left you get a maybe it was nineteen or twenty and you get a you a fresh fourteen. I'm like if you let this go down because river. it's not just like you. If get necessarily a shot clock violation it's like a shot maybe bounces off the rim. Hell maybe it goes in like you'd get. I was wondering whether the nets we're going to foul. They did not. And i thought they got sick of differential. I think that was the right. Those the right move. As i was it turned down especially and then. I'm so thankful that this game didn't end with a loss in regulation primarily. Because i would have spent the first ten minutes talking about what brook lopez did in the ensuing situation. So boone holes calls a timeout with. I think it was like two seconds one point nine left on the shot clock apnea that fresh fourteen as they tried to get going and i for the life of me will never understand what happened next inbound. The ball goes to brook lopez's in the corner and they ran the play for brook lopez to get a three in the corner and then they. The nets closed out well to their credit but like haiti was autumn. He got through all you all you have to do like put the ball you even if you air ball. You run a little bit extra time and remember when he gets the ball. There's eight seconds left in the gay. Wouldn't have run any extra time if he if he air via about it but if you hit any rim if you get anything on that and also it's almost definite like this is one of the you talked about the circumstances where teams off the glass hard enough in you like completely screw it up. The other team's going to call a timeout. So if you like if you hit rim there. There's a pretty decent chance that you get that under under three seconds and if you if anybody your team gets the rebound or just touches it you probably burn extra time. Yeah i talked about that on the cast of do they have. Is there a possibility of going. No time out and was six point. One six second differential probably not especially when i when they gets knocked out of bounds with eight seconds left in the game to second differential and and they only have that chance. So i mean it wouldn't shock me honestly if the bucks coach said to him. Hey like if you're not wide open just eat it And i think he ended up trying to pass it back out real quickly. Which is which to me was was was even weirder because then if the if the other thing you can say once the that you can do there is once we'll if you want to be more cautious about it once lopez shoots the ball like three guys. Just run to the back court. You know just you know. So you're not going to concede anything on the timeout. Like just to run a little bit extra eating it to me like i was going ballistic because it's just like the upside is just so well. And there is some downsides to be sure of taking the shop. But i i was i was. I was ballistic. I don't think. I i found it as as objectionable as you did but so chocolate turnover nets user. Last time out they bring in jeff. Green for bruce bron and they got katie. The ball against soccer again no double team amazingly and he didn't get any separation like he tried to drive hard left from the right wing got inside the arc slightly tucker stayed with him and then he basically hit almost the same shot. That damian lower did in fact probably about two inches away from being the same shot. That well i mean it's probably kept rates feet or a little bit larger debut lower even bed from the same spot. It's just editor. It's feeder bigger. Yeah and you still. It was incredible for work against a great defender. It and just really really impressive chatelet over his left shoulder news. It was a shot that you when you see the guy take it. You're like that's a twenty five percent shot at best rightly this is not a good shot. Now when you'd expect to go in but somehow he made it clear right away that it was gonna be to tie it at one. Oh nine so one of the greatest shots in nba playoff history. 'em and pj tucker. I mean he did everything you could ask them to do. And one on one defense particularly because you're not only trying to protect against the three in that situation like an ear trying to stop him from getting any bucket at all so you know we don't have to go through the entire overtime well. We shouldn't because it was gross. Well the both teams got good shots at times and just missed him You know. Bruce brown's hustle for that offense offense everybody bite there. Were some yoshi there too. But it won't take us lawn talk about the nets baskets in the in the In the overtime oh by the way they did have one second left in regulation and yoenis try to fade away. Which was embarrassingly not closely. Actually could've gotten a semi decent look into side of the shot clock. Yeah i mean it was it was it was. It wasn't a good show. i mean they. They tried the nets really dependent while they tried to get. Chris middleton going into the corner. I that was completely taken away and then they got it in the post tiana's i would. I was telling them they should do. Just basically try to run selling where they stationed brook lopez right under the rim and just try to throw it in his general vicinity and see if you could make a catch and put it in because the nets just didn't really have anyone with like the size and standing reach that he had they didn't go in that drives a he. He wasn't even at the time. So yeah bruce brown another great offensive rebound after yonathan blake griffin. Both go flying off another wide open. Joe harris missed three bucks just got some decent looks Katie got some decent looks as wall. Holiday missed a wide open three from the left wing Hardened missed a pretty decent. Look at a step back. He also had a couple of possessions where he was just dribbling dribbling dribbling one of which led to katy taking a thirty eight foot one foot three. That's just barely barely does a back room. Man amazingly brook lopez. We talked about it. Had to actually. Three challenges i made a sarcastic reference on that one because katie has has the flaming bag and throws it up but first brown gets the rebound and that was the one where they got three. They got three opportunities. Didn't score on any of them but because they got an upper gotta chance. Yeah harden tried tried catch. Shoot three just missed it again. I mean he looked he took it with no hesitation like a definitely had it in mind that he needed a what before the hardened three was. Pj tucker spell. Yeah what did you think of that. That i that i mean to me when somebody is putting their hands on you and they're not supposed to be able to do that and you're knocking their hands off. That's probably not a foul on the person knocking the hands off like it's not like pg darker at the ball or he was doing some sort of push off or anything like blake griffin was blake griffin. If there was foul to me it was blake griffin peachy tucker but griffin who also had five thousand same time. Yeah i mean it was sort of just like little infighting way. the balkars harden had gotten. Yana switched onto him with like five on. The shock was looking like is headed towards an ugly possession. And then you heard the wisdom blow and you're like what is this. And because i didn't see it in real time i was looking at the ball and he was the second time that tucker had like very violently shoved his arm off with both hands. But i think you know at that point. That's the time when the referee can say. Knock it off you guys. You know mails pretty loud in there may be. That's just not an option at that point game but it was a play that didn't affect the game ultimately and you know there's yeah you gotta keep control the game but you know it wasn't gonna get out of control at that point in time so it was you know he did. At least mark davis waited until the second time that he did it and they do call that that is like opponent education that they call but yeah i mean they could have really stood to let that one go..

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