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That go to the insurance companies to keep insurance rates low four obamacare recipients i've reported a lot about that incidentally republican districts would be some of the most hardest hit at those caution reductions disappeared without reforms that kept prices down so they also want to work this new part of the deal here's more from the pelosi letter to her colleagues as reported by my colleagues at cnn this morning earlier in the day later hoyer and i along with the try caucus chairs met with speaker ryan to encourage passes passage of adrina something that many republicans in congress have supported but the party has always been split about he suggested that he may need border security measures we suggested the mccall thompson border security packets it unanimously passed homeland security committee i don't have deal take details on that but it's something worth looking into obviously at this point any solution pelosi continues to the challenge facing the dreamers must include the dream act sponsored by congresswoman lucille roybalallard a california democrat i will keep you posted on any suggestions about border security that we receive hopefully we can get this all done in a matter of weeks sincerely yours the hopeful future speaker she didn't sign it that way but let's ask she's thinking and that's why she stuck around so long since 2010 all right let's get back to the phones i want to hear what you guys have to say tom in hot springs i'm pretty sure arkansas wine one hey i find him i write about arkansas excellent thank you very much so trust ideal yes or no i i mani added the legally legally wife at were married out two months from jamaica and and it it cost me rid of fifteen thousand dollars crete my airfare driving or flying back and forth with the embassy illegally bring her here and i'm happy at fifty one years old bad history up tom where's europe tom where's your wife from jamaica okay and let me ask you this is are you surprised to see this kind of a deal potentially coming from president trump as the host of maybe president jeb bush i'm distrust i'm disgusted and i'm a lover i mean i i love the guy hello it is out by my wife to discuss how did they come here illegally rottier and then also the.

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