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I was criticizing the class thinking only from my perspective he says his thinking has evolved he'd never really considered what students of color could get out of the white racism class or do think that's why i've lost a couple of friends because like i'm white maybe i shouldn't say anything and pilkington gives ted thornhill and his white racism class credit he says the whole episode sparked discussion on campus about deep seated issues that have never been directly addressed before but pilkington's opinion of thornhill class name hasn't changed he still doesn't like it and he doesn't regret saying so feel strongly about identity politics and so i was sort of i needed to say something thornhill says people like pilkington need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable basically need a more candid discussion these conversations on raising racism they can't be predicated on white people's comfort they need to be done on folks of colors terms and that means an unvarnished candid in your face kind of way that's truthful and thornhill says he knows that can be tough because he's been called out for sexist comments but he says he didn't get defensive he stayed quiet and apologized for the world rupa shenoy you can hear an extended version of the story on our other podcast subscribe to it on apple itunes stitcher or however you get your podcasts.

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