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Thoughts. Oh, that's gross. The, no, that would be her effect. That would be a really bad way for Israel to go down. Listen Rudy. I'm just having fun with you. I think that you're doing a great job on campus. It's a hard job. I think that you obviously have huge ambitious goals. You're planning to move back to Israel after you get your very scholarly degree. And I have no doubt if I had to guess you want to end up in politics somewhere in the Knesset we'll sue takes answered like a politician police. I think you go to sleep dreaming up your hashtags and what you'll say next. I do, but that's fine with me. I'm all for it. I like a good mix of ju- of French american-israeli coming into office because then you can see really all sides of the shitty problems that we have in this country, whether it's from issues of reform and religion and pluralism to obviously war terror security issues. So I think I'd vote for. You if that makes you feel good or bad makes great. Actually said like a politician, I'm not sure if that was the truth, but I wanna thank you for your time. None the less ready if people wanna learn more about what you guys are doing on campus get involved, open open-minded. How should they contact you or find out more. My face with page or they can check out the student supporting Clem university face with pitches well, where we coast, a lot of our content, our events are videos are pictures, and people can just stay in touch and see what's going on. Well, we look forward to your senior year. It sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun on campus working those new kids as you said, the new slate the apartheid week, which always finds a new interesting way to hate Israel. So you've gotta be one step ahead of the game. I'll let you get back to devising your next plan. And of course they hide to khloe for me. And that's going to wrap it up for here on the Mideast podcast. This is so fun and exciting. I hope you've is enjoyed of course follow us on Facebook, the Mideast online, the Minnie's dot com. And my favorite Twitter at mid east BC's. You guys have been a great audience. You really stood by silence, but share your thoughts when you're online and tell us what you wanna hear next. And until next time this is Molly Livingstone and I will sign off also, Alex Giles in London and Jerusalem. I am.

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