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Speeds are down pretty much across the board one seventy six and ninety five we care about every twenty four hour traffic center I Malcolm point after the third time now for C. B. S. three eyewitness weather sponsored by September first Tiffany Simona a line of gusty showers will move across the region early this morning with all rain coming to an end by eight nine o'clock for everyone now will be a windy day winded buys remains in effect until one o'clock for wind gusts up to forty five miles per hour temperatures will start off in the sixties this morning and then fall into the middle fifties later this afternoon partly cloudy in colder overnight with up to thirty seven by Monday morning Monday afternoon mostly cloudy cooler but still mild highs around fifty mostly cloudy Tuesday with showers possible late day and highs around fifty one right now to broadcast center light rain and windy sixty five degrees heading up to sixty six the life of a Philly sports fan is a wild ride some years we try some years we trust would never changes year after year is how we get to the game shoulder to shoulder with our fellow fans all set to get your right started I set the Philly dot com more local news when it matters to you depend on KYW news radio seven fifteen and firefighters dies while battling that nation's historic outbreak of bush fires back to class this week for students to to Philadelphia elementary schools given the green light to re open after as best this abatement recapping our top story demonstrators take to the streets.

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