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Is considered somewhat of a legendary try to hair and ustralia more details about the same i k plays welcome my buddy mike agni yes so that's that's about it man you know just trying to keep that all straight and trying to not let it affect too much of your thinking and you know that's about it cocoa will i'm glad to be chatting with you again i may know if they managed to catch up with you in general so i guess you know we can we can kill two birds with one stone while i'm doing another podcast yeah awesome let's let's just sort of hit the record button and get going we'll probably guy for about fifty minutes so sorry okay and then i've actually got to hit off to work which feels kinda strange to say oh yes so you're doing the you're trading and doing this as well right you're still doing their your risk manager somewhere right yeah so actual tato is try to manage so yet that involves risk and a whole bunch of other things but yeah essentially as a title sounds managing a group of trade is a at a firm and sydney hair so now living in sydney yeah oh nice how's your weather hundred weather down there right now it's raw it's wrought a main with stu i think was sort of on the way out of summa but you know it's nice went to the beach on the weekend we live really close to the beach now and you know it was sunny spoilt for choice with betas all up the coast from where i am in sydney yet knots it's good.

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