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More often pick to a free values for day in play around with them. And see what happens what you tend to find is that the the values that really speak to you will be more fulfilling voting for you. You'll kind of you'll have a sense there's a sense of I'm being true to myself. I'm getting close to my heart. So, you know, if you really stuck then just, you know, I've even had some people that just couldn't pick, and I gave them a list of fifty values and and said, all right. We'll just kind of go through them and just label them each one very important quite polish until not so impose, and they ended up labeling everything is very. Son. I said all right. Well, let's just flip. A coin. Let's flip a coin three times in whichever three values. It lands on do that for this week. And then do it again next week and do it again next week. What happens is pretty soon you start to get a sense of it. But I I don't know if you have the saying in the USA of the proof of the pudding is in the eating to have that saying, no you're gonna have to explain that one. Okay. So. Know, what pudding is of course. Oh, okay. Sorry. So the proof of the pudding me, you know, someone's cooked to good pudding. We're not gonna know if that pudding is going to taste nice unless we actually eat it. We can discuss all day long. What do you think it tastes like, and what are the ingredients? But the proof of the pudding is in the eating you go to put the spoon and taste it. And then you'll know, and it's the same values. You can analyze till the cows come home, you know, these my right values. That's not going to get you. Anyway, get out there. Stop playing around with them and track the results. And this is where the mindfulness comes in stop noticing get what difference does it make. What is it? Why am I being more? Like the person. I want to be housed this influencing my weld house this influencing others, you know, that's the answer. Well, it's funny because a lot of people who tend to get in the self development do it because they wanna learn the right way to do things. So when they get the three values they got to spots left all of a sudden. Oh, no what if I pick. The wrong value. So it's that Briggs on this whole other has gained of stuff owing down. So it's like I'll just end, right? But I love that like give it a try. It's it's okay. And as you change as you get older these values are going to change anyway. So don't get. So while end up about it even for us. I'd say her values has the listeners know in getting healthy and exercising have have changed. And it's reoriented our lifestyle and became that rudder whether it's signing up for that event or actually go to the party were making these choices based off our values. And I liked the idea of not making such a commitment to it. Right. We're not getting married to these values. We're not going to have our third divorce with these values. Try them on for day. Try them on for week. And you're going to know when it feels right? Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know, he can probably my dog has just come into the room and his crunching Abon here. As if the listeners a wondering that crunching sound is. So yeah, I say, you know, and and they they will start you'll start to get a sense of which values or good fit fear. Again. A common mistake people. Make though is thinking that living your values is necessarily gonna make you feel good. If you live your values it may pull you out of your comfort zone into all sorts of challenging difficult situations and at times living your values can put you in high anxiety provoking situations. But even though it's not giving rise to pleasant feelings..

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