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On. This store which basically at five or had accomplished pay equity on their platform which they announced in March. You could sort of like hire some of their top freelancers. And there is a link to encyclopedia. Manica to learn about amazing women from history and profile some of the women on the platform. Okay. That's that's pre involved and I think you probably run into a lot of brand. Say you know are just like now? It's that this this is. Finn SPREADSHEET and. You're too small and you're like, this doesn't scale. Yeah. Absolutely I mean the biggest hurdle with podcast -tising I, mean I, try to I try to say that I'm not doing podcasts advertising I'm I'm giving marketing solutions but that aside like when you use the word audio, his word media placement or whatever like obviously I'm working with not only baritone an address volts. But I'm working with Keira I'm working with horizon and all these massive media organizations that like they care about scale like that is it they're just it might be that they have two hundred thousand dollars that they could play around with and just throw an don't have to track it but like the they're not interested in making their jobs harder than they are. Unless there's celebrity attached or some other like massive brand campaign and so terms of like the friction. That's big. It's also just understanding I. mean this May seem. Like I'm Newish to sales. I'd never done sales previously like just understanding what the cycles are for RFP's being put out from brands getting the RFP's from brands. Figuring out like should I sell them branded podcast? Should I saw them in integrated brand podcasts? Should I tell them about like one ad spot on one show like what's like what's first of all the cost benefit and second of all like who who's even going to be willing to do this like. is, really hard and also. Nobody really knows how to track any of this stuff..

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