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On the threes. Traffic and weather together. We check the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast with meteorologist Brian Thompson. After the rain last night or drying things out today. But the wind is going to be the big story wins Augusta between forty and sixty miles per hour through especially the early part of the afternoon. I could bring down trees and power lines. We'll be quite mild sue, but temperatures will be falling from the fifties into the forties late with times of sun and clouds. Partly cloudy, brisk and colder tonight, low twenty four but overall the wind starting to die down some tomorrow, much colder day despite sunshine, high thirty four clouds at a snow shower or two in the morning on Thursday, milder with some sunshine. Thursday's high forty two partly sunny, Friday, high forty six I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson. WBZ NewsRadio sunshine and fifty six degrees in Boston. College kids K. Ricki? Eight seven seven Kars four kids donate. Johnny. Easy. Deduction. Also accepting boats, motorcycles, RV's and real estate. Donations free is not a word you hear a lot today. But freeze the price right now for a consultation.

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