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What's going on everybody? Rowdy dragon back again with this week's final app weekly fantasy update. Talladega Superspeedway blah. How about that for a race? Looks like the price of a watermelon is gonna go up. If Chastain continues his run. All right guys, let's see who did well with this week's race on the stage picks. We had a sweep on the two stages for the week. It looks like stage one and two Corey Randall Stevens. Good job over there. And the winner ray dog beat you out Corey by 7 points or so with a total of 221 points, 52 stage points pretty good stage points for Talladega. I finished in the dismal spot of 134th, somehow sliding me down one position in the league to 24th. Toby Christie finished in the 187th spot, also not a good day for Toby. Sliding further down to the 90th spot in the overall standings on the league. And where is Jimmy? Carrie Murphy, beating both of us out once again, finishing in the 72nd spot, moving up into the 116th spot, closing in on Toby. I think we have about 54 points between you two now. All right, taking a look at last week's picks. We had the 6th, the ten and the 47, let's take a look and see how they did. So in the 6 car. Brad Keselowski finished with the 23rd most points on the day, all I can say is he was not the worst car out there. Brad picked up 14 points on the day and that was it. No stage points. Looking at the ten car arc amarilla he finished in the 12th in the standings for the fantasy points, bringing home 24 position points, four stage points on the stages, not the worst pick on the day. And the 47 car Ricky Stenhouse. He had his issues as well, coming home in the 29th place, bringing in 7 position points and one stage point on the day. Ricky was a bust at Talladega. I garaged him. Okay, so let's take a look at this week's featured picks. I've got three guys. We're gonna take a look at starting with the 5 car Kyle Larson. He's got 13 races at this track one win currently, 7 top 5s, ten top tens, and that's 7 top 5s and 13 races. That's a 50% chance at a top 5 with Kyle Larson this weekend. Those Hendrick guys are running too good to ignore them right now so he is definitely on the top of my list of guys to watch. Looking at his stage points, Kyle Larson picked up three stage wins, two of them came last May in 14 races here, Kyle's picked up stage points in ten stages. All right, I hate to pick on that low hanging fruit, but here we're looking at another Hendrick driver. Remember last year they finished here at Dover, one, two, three, four, chase Elliott is my next guy. He's got 11 races here at this track. He's also got one win here. And he too has 8 top 5s within that 11 race span. So you're looking at, again, another 50 percenter on a top 5. And looking at Chase's stage point picture, he's got 18 stages run here. Has not picked up any stage wins. But out of the 18 tries he's gained stage points in 12 tries. Not taking a look at their top 5s. Let's compare Kyle Larson and chase Elliott's top 5s to a guy like Kurt Busch, Kurt Busch has 9 top 5 set this track in 42 races. All right, so that puts it in a little bit of perspective for you there. And one more guy to look at for your lineup for this weekend, the Toyota campus starting to pull it together, Martin Truex Junior did have a good run at Talladega. He came home with the second most position points on the day. So it looks like Truex is starting to figure things out. He's got 31 races at Dover three of them are wins. One of those wins coming just last May right here at the monster mile. Truex has an 11.7 Finnish average at the track after those 31 races, and he's led quite a few laps at 996. Looking at his stage point totals out of 18 tries, he's only missed out on stage points 5 times, and has four stage wins to his credit. Now I would be keeping a close eye on those Toyotas during the practice session on Saturday. Just to see if they have things figured out before committing them to your team. Okay, now it's breaks ten on the season, I think it is a good time to take a look at the current top ten list for the final app weekly fantasy. Starting in tenth working our way up to first because that's how we do things here at the final lap weekly. Tenth place goes to no speed limit. Love the name. Number 9 top shelf racing. Also a good name. Number 8, this week's winner ray dog. And in 7th bonehead four. 6th place. Elliot bandwagon. Still making some noise up there. 5th place beer guy 27 hanging on to that top ten spot. In fourth, running on empty 2022, dugong sitting in the third spot, Louisville max in second and still in the top spot four bald tires, and he's starting to break away. In fact, the top two guys are starting to break away a little bit from the pack. Don't let them get away guys. Well, that's all I got for you this week. Hopefully the monster mile doesn't bite you. And these pics can help you out a little bit. All right, I appreciate you hanging around and listening to the final epi weekly fantasy segment of the show. I am rowdy dragon. I will check back in with you again. Next week. All right, there you have. Rowdy dragon and his fantasy NASCAR segment for Dover coming up this weekend. I'm so, if I am just would have put something in for Daytona, I'd be like, top ten. Could you imagine? I mean, you would be right there, man. You'd be right there. I don't understand what was just a major brain problem there during day two. Yeah. I mean, it happens. It happens with all of us. I would be so good in the standings. But you're not. I'm out. It's okay, Carrie. It's okay. All right, of course, thank you once again to adjust an Allgaier for joining us on the program.

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