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For a visit to the World Pool plant and he was set to meet with the governor at the airport. Then this word came out. I want to just say that A very good friend of mine just tested positive. You know that that connections Academy. I benefited. Governor of Ohio. Do I just tested positive? The 73 year old wine left before meeting with the president and is now heading back to the state capital. We want to wish him the best he'll be Fine. Mr Trump, Meantime, says the nation could have a krone virus vaccine by election Day November 3rd. Health experts have said it's more likely by early next year. Dr Anthony Thout e speaking to the Alliance for Health Policy regarding what we need to do and how long this is going to be around. We hope as a pandemic threat that we are really on the cusp of seeing the end of it as we do public health measures and a vaccine CBS News update on that pipe. Meantime, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland is recommending Corona virus testing for lawmakers, staffers and all employees at the capital after more members of Congress have fallen ill with the virus. At least three members of Congress have tested positive since late last month. Lawyer says. With members of Congress traveling from all parts of the country, there should be serious consideration for everybody at the Capitol complex. Well, this could be a critical day for reaching an agreement on new covert 19 legislation is tens of millions of jobless workers await word on whether they will again be able to get enhanced Unemployment benefits details from double DT Opie's Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill, the Senate's top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, remains frustrated by the talks. But he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say they'll keep at it. The patient needs a major operas. Nation. While Republicans want to apply just a band aid, we won't let them just past the band Aid, Go home and leave America bleeding. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blames Democrats were not budging on key issues, including proposals related to the $600 unemployment benefit that expired last weekend. What we're saying is playing talk plenty of stalling from Democratic leaders have insisted on handling this himself but no significant movement toward progress. Talks between Congressional Democrats and the White House are set to resume later today. They are expected to go into the evening on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller W T o P New stalemate comes as another 1.2 million laid off Americans filed for jobless benefits for the first time last week. We'll go in depth in a few minutes with mark Hamrick of bankrate dot com and unprecedented move by Facebook and Twitter against President Trump. Social Media giants have deleted one of the president's post for what they call misinformation regarding Children. The administration is incensed the White House is slamming Social media giants face Book and Twitter for deleting one of President Trump's posts. There's very selective shadow banning banning.

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