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I guess some of the first ones one was cleared by a Franklin County grand jury last October the shooting death of a twenty one year old what happened was they heard a wanted suspect was in an area he is wanted on felony charges of aggravated robbery and two counts of robbery aggravated meaning a weapon and so when they saw when this individual solid the patrol officers he fired shots at the cops and ram you've actually hold up they brought slide in and he was shot in a gun battle with police what exactly are the odds are supposed to do when they're fired upon by an individual who's already wanted for for armed robbery and then when he's holed up get shot by swat officers because he's shooting at us while officers what are you supposed to do at that point and how does that how does that invite you being on the side that your poor life was lost when you decided to shoot at other human beings and yet another guy violence restraining order by pouring gasoline on its axis front porch in attempt to burn her out of her home when they showed up the cops showed up he took off and said I'll shoot any police officer that follows me sure enough he came out with a gun it turned out after he was shot to death to be a pellet gun but it was a suicide by cop version of how the cops posted with a pellet gun because we saw what happened with Mr Crawford John Crawford in the Beaver Creek Walmart that was a BB gun a Walmart looks like the real thing same thing here and the all the cops are warned and shouldn't but because the list of all these cops I guess the the almost all of them have the same situation but yet the narrative is bad officer killed a black guy without a shred of context without any any subtlety whatsoever and here's the problem if people like me and maybe you look at this and go yeah you're right Saloni essay in that it turns off of the whole reform thing we'll be looking at reform but how does that help your cause when you see a poster of every cop that is killed a person of color in Columbus in recent years in in in you implied by doing that that there's absolutely no circumstance where a police officer was justified in shooting a guy because of the color of his skin we need to tell me that's not justified the guy shot at a police shot the police officers who were looking for him because he shot other people and he opened fire on cops cops should return fire because the color of his skin what the hell is that I mean there there's no intellectual honesty in this whatsoever the adult the facts matter yes they do we want accountability we want transparent we want all those things out of our police officers what what happened with the police officer and since that is a great example of that you know it is there are there going to be charges probably not but they're going to find out why those rounds fit or why he grabbed the rounds and if there's something they can do in the future but yeah I'm simply that there's going to be some sort of penalty for this office or maybe something in this file or could be a suspension we don't know yet but they're gonna go through the process to find out why this happened and how to make sure it doesn't happen again which is reasonable right it was the intent I'm gonna shoot this guy because they already fired everything Adam that wasn't lethal to the point where he ran a bean bag rounds and put the bean bag rounds what he thought were being backgrounds in the gun now are they good people in the community that say oh yeah that's what they're saying but you know he just wanted a murder this guy was going to murder the guy he would you shot him to begin with that waste of his time with bean bag rounds but that's what you're up against here and these are the people want reform in change I want to be heard and listened to and demand that their voices be heard as they scream a council members involved in their homes and then when you went when you find out what the facts are clear the facts don't matter I mean in an overwhelmingly copter making correct decisions when it comes to use of force and there are bad actors out there there are bad people out there they're bad individuals out there okay you can't just simply right away everything's police brutality when it's not it now and that's where this narrative I think in my opinion starts the collapse of black lives matter got a legitimate beef absolutely but when you start including things in their their indefensible what does that say about your tactics and what you really want and what you wind up they're doing is just slowing more discontent among people who may want to see your way and when they hear that they go you guys are nuts and then we're just you know you wonder why nothing changes right it's it's the same as defending the officers in Minnesota as you would an officer who is a tale as you know it's it's the same as saying the cop it Derek shaman in Minnesota is exactly like Sonny Kim two entirely different situation different things so he can die der shamans the lie but together all the time no no clearly they're not indeed quit acting like they are kids just doesn't get it and then you do it because you're allegedly a learner just alerted Scollard individual on you're just a clown I will point out if we don't need cops here's a story I saw this weekend and it's just it really makes your heart sing because I understand that there are individuals with badges in the sworn to protect the public taxpayers it's a different standard than that average citizens but here's why we need top this happened on Saturday in Chicago which I have like forty something shootings this weekend alone three teenage boys go to stores that sell Chicago to buy.

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