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Acquire jarvis landry and they went in and did all of these day one moves they still had after making several trades span of forty eight hours almost as much cap space to spend so the the fact that they can do all of this and still be in a better situation with a fan base that's probably more appreciative of whatever your level of managed expectations are puts cleveland squarely in this situation where i think they can get a little better and when you look at the top teams in the draft you look at the jets of the top picture the browns the giants who most teams most people feel like the giants going to suddenly find their way into better why but bias i don't know why the colts are bottom feeders but you believe that angela is gonna come back most people believe that you've got teams like the broncos everybody says you know what the broncos got case keenum now they're gonna come back i don't feel that sense of hope for the jets no at all worth noting though spain and fit sarah spain and jason it's being pretty positive in the context of the browns and jets right we're we're saying that they're doing their best but we're still understanding that this is the browns team that just a week or two ago we said has the hips so there's still a very real possibility that these free agency moves that seem good right now aren't that great these guys are picking up aren't that good and that they get to those first and fourth picks and they totally blow it like they always have and we find ourselves in the same situation we always have on the other hand maybe this is a turning point a pivot for the browns and if that's the case on the day that joe thomas announces his retirement and is no longer with the losing his franchise in nfl in the last over many years if they make the pivot right now and they start winning games on right when he decides he's done that will be terrible because that is one of the most respected and hardest working his incredible streak of starts to play for a team that had a one win in the last two years i know that is heartbreaking i will say though for all the we joke about what the season will hold you never know right but today.

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