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I wrote a story but the story is also meant to help people because about mastering your mind because ultimately like we all have this gray matter inside us we think will our mind just as space but i know that i can think thoughts that make my heart feel differently and i can think i think really beautiful thoughts by entire body feel differently so my mind isn't just my brain. There's something else to it and it's like okay. How do i get close to that. Because i want to master bat so that i can create a life. That is beautiful. Not just for me. But if i'm like really embracing like whatever divine nature haven't signed myself. I'm gonna make beautiful for life. That i'd be people that i come in contact with and i think that's you know for me. That's one big one of the biggest journeys especially over this past year. Now that's an in that being said you know in. You can put your coaching hat on on this when folks As you talk to folks in regards to their words and in their beliefs how what would be some tips for folks. Taxi kinda analyze you. Know if their words are manifesting the wrong habits or the wrong thoughts to then lead them down. The wrong path mean successful when we talk about trying to be successful and prosperous and achieving their goals. Yeah it's a great question. George i think part of it is if your thoughts are the words or the things that you're envisioning come at the expense of someone else. They're not being successful. Because ultimately real success should be i'm benefiting but so are you because like that at inching like i tell people the coaching is not that i give my client the answers but that i've asked a question that has given them kind of the leverage to ask themselves the question it gets the answer because then when they own the answer. It's like oh. My gosh. I know how to figure this out in my life. That's a very different equation. Then if david says hey george. Here's what you need to do to fix your life because now you're taking my advice and it's like if it doesn't work out we'll dave doesn't talking about it and you kind of have to give your client the own advice. I think in a similar sense like you have to like everybody has a success formula. Everybody like a big admire of tony. Robbins he's been hugely successful At my lead another entrepreneurs hugely successful dean brazos wildly successful. They the best thing they can do is offer..

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