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Dollars that'd be so awesome on a Monday, morning two hundred thousand dollars before you even got to. Work you walk in there and be, like I'm taking the day. Off I don't know if I go to the outlet mall, Monday why? Call, yeah that's that's a. U-turn or you get a flat tire by Dr over stuff until you get a flat would always be. Bad I'd be. Lying Iran Makarov the lesser. Bricks You like go bigger No I'm like listen tat by Bill and. My whole face die so I will not be in today great. Segment You said your car flew of British. Was the biggest lie you've ever. Committed to One time. I got out of a party by saying I have leave and vacuum my room I didn't know Bridge idea yeah I would even go as far as like telling them it will be on the news later and make sure you. Don't miss it Check prayers I would have like a fake Karna side of a beach that I like Well let's do that tomorrow morning for? Pointless poll question let's what is the biggest lie you ever seriously committed to F.. Why we'll. Be sending you a text tonight that's something happened to me I gotta get. To this story though about Snapchat Dismore. FIA now we've talked about this before you don't know what it is Snapchat Dismore few, is when patients seek out cosmetic. Surgery because they wanna look like not, themselves but the filtered versions of themselves the ones that you see on Snapchat fuller lips. Bigger is thinner knows according to retaliate from the Boston University school of medicine there's been a huge increase in the. Number of people who are getting plastic surgery to look like they're Snapchat filter it's unbelievable, said it's an alarming trend because those filtered. Southeast? Present an. Unattainable look real just going into I wanna look. Like Barbie right all right You said you know the. Big changes people used to want to look like celebrities when you go to class desertion these is bringing Lena Jolie. Lip whatever I say now they're bringing in Snapchat filters gonna make me look like this, I would like you to surgically attach a. Crown? Of roses So that there there forever Have you won't and you wanna look like a gremlin Have you seen that Gizmo The man that wanted to look like a? Cat. Yes You gotta get, teeth shaved Ohio I went to look like a snake and he cut his tongue in. Half Oh that's gross Take it out, with that guy Google snake. Tongue, on human yeah I probably. Will, never do Can you tell us? That, Google so I usually don't Say It's so nasty. Still I wonder if he gets a lot of girlfriends with. That I'm When we come back one thousand dollars for you plus the Spice Girls concert photo from years ago that somebody dug out of their archives and realized they took a picture with celebrity that. They, didn't even know was the liberty and something went ludicrous at whole foods that story next the, only way you can take one or four with you is the radio dot com. App download it today. And listen to, us anytime, anywhere. From the supernova Tim weather center I'm meteorologist Jeremy Wheeler your forecast, today partly cloudy skies we'll see a few showers and storms popping up during the afternoon but not. Too many highs will be ninety. Humid wind southeast five to ten miles an hour tonight partly cloudy with. A straight evening, shower lows, will, be in the mid seventies when south five to ten. And for Tuesday partly cloudy skies isolated shower storm in the afternoon with. Highs and lows nineties heat index will be..

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