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Leaders of Portland's black community are demanding the City Council take action. To end gun violence and Dr Trump White. She's going to join us. We'll get kind of Ah, another date on how we're doing in Oregon in southwest Washington, where Corona virus is concerned, what kind of grade would we get? Let's get to it. The news starts now from ABC News. I'm Michelle Franzen. The nation's Corona virus outbreak shifting to new areas, White House task force coordinator Dr Deborah Burkes and a call with state and local leaders warning that the positivity rate is up in nine cities, including Atlanta, Portland and Baltimore. Adding to that strain another wave of jobless claims last week, nearly 1.2 million American workers filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week, the lowest weekly total since March but still historically high and assign the Corona virus pandemic has yet to loosen its grip on the U. S. Economy cases sword across the country last month, pausing re openings or shutting down businesses. Again. The $600 weekly supplement that has helped the unemployed pay their bills has now expired. ABC is Aaron Carter. Ski, Democratic and Republican leaders remain in talks for a new stimulus package package, including that sticking point extending the unemployment supplement that expired and funding for testing and food programs to go along. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claiming Republicans want to reduce food stamp assistance. It's still catered a big business, nickel and dime. Our Children. Don't say we want to get a tax break to a business lunch and not give more money for Children. Republicans say they're also worried about running up more debt. The U. S is sending a large shipment of food, water and supplies to Lebanon. Other countries across the globe sending aid following this week's massive explosion in Beirut, killing more than 130 people. Caused when tons of ammonium nitrate stored in the port detonated A B C's Ian panel has more seen.

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