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Everybody doing tonight? It's hard not to do it. The nineties next guy's nineties movies Ready Carrot thank you for coming absolutely greatly appreciate it talking about life. Thank you who put my Casa. I'm I haven't seen you in basically twenty four hours. Fancy meeting you here exactly if you guys don't know Kera is the GM of the bricks project. She's my partner in crime time. I love that place. It is so good. It's thanks cash. It's fantastic scotch egg in Buffalo. Jake Jake last night you the bubble cauliflower arm closer sitting around. I can't stop problem. Yeah it's a real problem. I've made it home at home. I went off cuff and went with the beer cheese soup last night. fucking amazing wasn't really you know the trick is to dip a chip in it. Although I didn't do that because you did that. You put Jesse they've put a chip in you. Don't see him last night. Did you know I would say that. He put chips I. I cannot confirm nor deny the unsweetened. He's a no beer. She sweets today. There was no you you should probably drink tea with what you gave birth you know can. We can't believe that happened with the kidney stone. Oh you had a only child Scott's peel here's your name. Did you name it bores. Yeah Right I'll let you name. He looked he looked like a bore. Adopt a pebble. Whatever he wants bore so fun little child story? One of my managers had a kidney stone earlier this year and he was was like I really want to get. My girlfriend is a nice diamond necklace. I was like. Why don't you give her your kidney stone apart? You made it myself dating romance ask. Who is this in did he do? It gave me a hint. He did not and it is Mac. That's that's a ballsy move that's love. This is aid this Oh that's right. He was sick with kidney stones. I totally forgot about romantic can miskel the viability bomb zone. Billy Bob Thornton in Angelina Jolie would do the vials of blood. Yeah that's a problem. Hey Corey Haim tried selling his molar on Ebay did he made some good money for that. Thinks he's somebody brought us fucking to do you put it in a little case and put it on your on your I would probably take ebay purchases. Anyone we're on the show. Some random stuff like pieces of the Aggro Crag from global guts. That's on there for twelve hundred. So how'd you bring up aggregrate. Imagine going to imagine going the hobby lobby going on a hobby lobby. Eighty one molar. Like I know I know a girl who actually has the legit when she won her name. sadie wells we are in attracting cross country together here astronaut. And she's out of Miami now and she has the agriculture and we have a fantasy football league and we nobody dared tried to buy it from her and she we will not sell it like we were offered five hundred bucks like there gopher like original ones like fifteen hundred thousand one hundred hundred bucks on Ebay right now. Some kid named Stevens tried to so we. We thought we'd be all cool. And we're like okay. We're GONNA find like on Edgy. Someone made in agriculture something right so we found one it would look. It looked kind of Chintzy eh but like it was like a couple of hundred bucks and it was big and it was like a light in or like Jerry just went fuck it live by it so in in our league went out to Orlando Ameet gotta get it. The guy ends up being a big Tom and Dan Fan. He's a medium so he gives us Ethan easing looks at it and it was like do distinct bad bad like is like nothing was in glued together right even details eight AA batteries that you have a little on off switch to turn the little fake glow awesome the homeland we still have. It was great and I like that one but we want to ruin Nice Drop Aggro Crag doc that's like my generation is that like you're are you a big ebay yawning there but do I look I do it too. It's so fun. I'm always scared. That money screwed me in an Amazon. Prime is my Go-to poll. Se A lot. Yeah you'd be reliable if you use somebody that's got a whole lot of feedback. Yeah check the the ice to sell on Ebay for years hour okay. Yep I've sold some comics on there for over four. I sold one and shipped it to Australia. That was great. It is it on the fire. One hundred dollars on fire now. It might be knows a metal a metal cover charlie too soon. I'm not like like sad to see a fire. He's not joking. INSTAGRAM model. That posted news hand bucks and raise like do that and then instagram took her off like she raised like she raise like over a half a million dollars but of all the tits and everything that I've seen on instagram. You've seen it all in one way or another because they postings on there all the time to take it off in band someone who's trying to raise money for right the only good thing that the instagram's do we can't allow that. Yeah but comics on on instagram. I am too and it's all free dirt developing a platform and doing business sign Tori. They can start maybe they gotta make the money off of human well now a little nervous a posting y'all's picks when we do them on instagram. Because what if they remove us for what for your sexy picks in a Red Bikini you're allowed to have the aspects that are on their only thing that we're we're GONNA get we're GonNa get a million likes. Don't be hating on US instagram. I ask us to be like like official models. The for them this is this is a pro. I want. I'm not all in on this like I. I just I'm not all in on it. Why aren't you because everything? Let's let's be real everything we do on the show we don't we. Don't finish strong and we talked about this and we're not going to do it and I'm saying we should do it but we're not gonna I'm I'm just I'm just calling it. I will hundred percent do it but I'm just I don't know you're scared you're the sexiest guy. Here is kind of a hair dude. Dude you look like something about Mary. That's not jealous. I'm here Joe. I know you're trying not working. It's a rooster string. I know you're trying to decline. Take somebody take a pitcher Charlie right now so he can post that so everyone can see what we're talking about right now. What he's movie? Favor Ben Stiller Leander Leander dodgeball say. Happy Gilmore ooh he just played the psycho nursed. Does shelby for your glass. The Hell Up. What is your what? Is this a school for ants. Stiller I don't know I've never been a big Ben Stiller Fan mighty like I guess he's good in Zealander. I liked him in something about Mary. HEAVYWEIGHTS IS HANDS DOWN MY AD. I I love him as a camp counselor movie the Blah it's obscene Disney. Like nine hundred. Ninety six is talking on Disney pulls probably then do you percocet. Yeah Nice. Did you know Disney plus took sandlot off really yes. They took a bunch of movies off and didn't don't tell anybody my husband was telling me about it. They just slowly. I guess their contracts had run out anyways to have them and they just didn't tell anybody then they removed them like home alone. The home alone two. I Know San Lots gone. And that's really there's GonNa be. A big problem is already a big problem because there was a huge purge when the man delorean quit like like when that last episode hit just cancel their subscription. I keep it man because the kids we always find something I paid for the whole year. Already talking to sixty uh-huh for three years. It was literally ten dollars more than paying for a year. Why would I not just pay for three week into the year already in world? Four three Australia's on fire so I think he lost money. I guess you plan on keeping your kids for three years snow too. I have seen toy story one no less than one hundred times this week doc. I'm not even kidding you. It's all my son. Wants to walk anywhere story. Yeah it is it is at least I can laugh. Don't even WANNA watch movies man. They just Randy Newman Youtube. Now when he was on with a family or randy was walking down the street. I couldn't pay attention isn't as favourite part family. It's still making episodes and it's just like south. Park is still hilarious. I'll tell you right now. South Park still phenomenal. Bob's Burgers when he's driving down in Luc's his daughter and her friend and he six when he's ugly bitches laid cry laugh every time he does the best so so hey can we talk about football. Yeah can we talk about. What an awesome weekend for playoff a bullet was and I'm not trying to give you a hard time? I'm for the Patriots Lost Charlie but you gotTa admit these Games were like those. Were the games that make a football fan excited. Because that Texans bills game who's great had had any online it was it was good wasn't even pulling for owning one but I mean at the end. I was kind of for the Texans because of. Jj Watt. But you're not gonNA pulling for anybody in the playoffs in a long time. You're a giants fan but I will say the eagles like I really I mean like Carson Wentz going down like I think I think they might be able to win that year. Ah He's always injured. When accounts every year this is four years in a row? I don't know the seahawks are good opponent though they all. y'All got lynch back getting touchdowns crazy him back man. He's on madden already. They're going to leave the best running back on our Green Bay. We're going to beat them. San Francisco is going to be who they Minnesota the win love to you. See the Ravens. I'm supporting Tannahill. Yeah I think that the the Miami made a huge mistake when they got rid of not saying huges like he orgnization organization but they're just a terrible organization and they had a something that they fail develops I want to see him succeed elsewhere. GET SYMBOLS UP. I just feel like they haven't been there. It'd be nice to see somebody can resume. I'm going for the Texans. I love my variable the head coach of the titans edge seven years. I I I I hope they were the first to to start all the anti Patriot. MEMES OUT CHARLIE No. I didn't do that till Sunday. What was the guy? Just remember when I want and all you owe is hilarious. Five him so late Saturday. I didn't really know social media and I saw dying laughing. The one word Tom Brady was Jameis. Winston shot at my favorite of all time. Is Somebody hold up the sign. That says Tom Brady sits when he pees they're pretty good. Sucks though is as I was on the bandwagon. I fucking hate. Tom Brady fucked right but then he actually loses and things to work out. I'm like dude. That sucks because he really plays good football and all of a sudden now. I have like the sympathy arm. Can you can tell the actually really set. Yeah absolutely the worst and like he will all the other players at after the elect. They love like they wanna get their pitcher with them shit. He has mahomes last year. Here you know that was a huge teams for for them to win win the Super Bowl after that was over man. I think it's different from now on. You have like Lamar Jackson. Then you got mahomes. You Got Shawn Watson you got all these really good quarterbacks. They're going to be the ones like Brady's gone. It's now the way. He made an instagram post today. I think I think you'll continue to play. As long as he feels like he can instagram today. I still have something to prove. Manning still wants to play play for two years. He saw proof to herald mentally retarded and he's not he's okay but her will but he a lot of great things for the giants and he's was really retired when he went out on top because he's a good guy he's dumble symbol and he he's he was a great asset to our team. But now it's like I don't want him to make an embarrassment of himself because I really like him and at this one. I think the another quarterback come back. You know that other kosher by Jones dangerous great. I liked watching the giants when he was like. There was mistakes. And he's going to have his growing pains but the way he ran in that first game when he had that four touchdowns or whatever yeah. It'll just be hard for him until the giants Ryan's can get an offensive line. That can actually give him some time to throw the ball. How dare ously everytime completely honest i? I don't I don't care about football. I'm ready for the conor on immigration. Cowboys running fight like in UFC. I don't watch any playoff again. You missed it. It was good. I think a lot of people that don't care about football but I just want to point out Carrozza jet Fan. I'm sorry wrestling every year. I was a fan. I'm right there with the buffo means awesome. I'm still GONNA go to a game every season root for him but it's it's a sad life threat. Adam Geishas Shit. Yeah guys just throw terrible coaches back and forth Adam gays from. Let me see your dog. I have three..

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