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Of lack of point i'm he's only played in so many games the bengals haven't been very good the last few seasons and there's just he doesn't have that body of work that teddy had guys that case keenum and then obviously kirk cousins have changed let's wrap it up with the big picture what do you think the tangible impact of kirk cousins is going to be on the field for a team that made it as you describe to the nfc title game a year ago even though philadelphia's and the reigning world champs and they play in the nfc do you think minnesota's become the team to beat not conference no i still think it's still delfi i love what he goes up done this off season obviously with them last year and then when was carson wentz to become back i have no issue purples or starting quarterback for the first half of the season and i though the team to be in the nfc not even close nicer vikings half those have to battle the packers every year aaron rodgers healthy they're going to be bad on out to week sixteen or seventeen every single season so no i don't even i'm not even sure if they're the favorites next year i like the vikings i just hope they don't put too much pressure on the shelves they want a ton of games last year the got to the championship game they've now made this upgrade at a at an appointment in the quarterback position but i believe is about parade but it'd be a lot of things have to go right fees and you know they got new offense coordinator they're going to have live nude different players dalvand cook comback there's a lot of question marks of intrigue with that minnesota team i think the worst thing they could do is put a ton of pressure on theirself because we always see it we only see on the good football teams like we added this important piece we should be a super bowl team next year times those teams don't do very well age we appreciate the insights thanks for joining us again today on the nfl on tunein.

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