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Skin pouches and their face purses. I'M GONNA call them face versus oh now on. that. Teaches digging around. The handbag another fish. You never know I'm so glad I got a chance to talk to you. Next time I come to Louisiana I'm look you up I. Hope It's field season I'll come out with my Choco's. Yes we have to have. That would be Aweso. Chuck Go Talk pelleting will wear. I promise not to lose the boat. So, ask Smart Hell colleges flappy saggy. sappy silly questions, because they love Pelicans and now so do you look at that? You Love Pelicans and twitter. You can follow her on instagram or on twitter at twitter Martinez I will put a link to those handles and her website in the show notes, you can also join in and enjoy black week. You can check that Hashtag. You can check the allergies instagram for more hashtags follow some really incredible new science. Friends from that in the count at Black AF in stem is also awesome. They Organiz Black voters week stay. Stay tuned for bonus. Episode in your feeds this week. Very excited I'm rushing to put that together. Which is why this episode came out Geneva, but it's worth it of song excited. Okay? We are at odds on twitter instagram. I'm Ali award with one L. on both and allergies merch dot. COM has totes and shirts and bags and such and thank you to Shannon feltus and Bonnie Dutch. They are sisters who host a comedy podcast called. You are that they manage merch. There have been warehouse delays due to corporate nineteen, but we're going as fast as you can. Thank you to the wonderful errand. Talbert.

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