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Eight got into torn amount and I told him I wouldn't not leave one short first day I seventy five or six, three putts next day I had five three cuts and miss the cut by one shot. So they'll tell you, I good. I was sitting the ball. We're speaking with hawk Harrelson about his varied and fascinating career in sports over the course of the last sixty years. Really his new book is hawk. I did it my way. You're one of those guys who's known everybody who's been around everybody who's been in to every party to every bar has a personal story with every major figure centrally in the world of sports over the last five decades who is the guy or who are the guys who the most. Fun to be around. So many of 'em Arnold course less that aren't went out, but it has for over forty years when the golf course, and he was, I miss that guy. You know he, he was John Wayne and they hills great still great, but it's not the same without and then there will be, but you know, you talk about, I have been blessed Jerry, you know, it's just like like Lou Garrick said, you know his farewell address. He said, you know, today I consider myself to be luckiest man on the face of the earth. Well, that's the way I feel and I've been so forth. I had a wonderful mother. She was married and divorced. She was married to a guy who she divorced when I was young guy and she raised me and she probably some big values and one of the value she told me she don't ever lie and don't ever be afraid to fail. And those are two big things that you know, and she still owes me and she also told me he came up on. Wrong side of the tracks, so to speak and Savannah, Georgia, and and if you did that you were going to have to fight. And she told me, I came home one day. I had a bloody nose, and she said, let me tell you some. So she says, if somebody hits you want him back harder if they if you want to hit them quite. And that's the way I grew up. That's the only thing I knew and to carried it over my life, you know? And there have been chore, the guy who have other mothers as much as idea. Dog actually, nobody knows someone ever other mother more ideas. You've had a charmed life. You've led a charmed life. He's gone to do the things you've wanted to do short of winning a major in golf, the broadcasting aspect of it which you've been doing now for so long. What kind of pleasure do you derive satisfaction? Do you drive from from being a broadcaster? I love I love baseball. And baseball has been really interesting may and all of white socks. This would be my thirty third year with the White Sox broadcasting my in my last year about casting, and I'll tell you what your I have such a again. I've been blessed because of the fact I have seen the game entirely different. You know, you've been around baseball long time and and you know the game and you know what's different game today than it was, you know, twenty thirty forty fifty years ago and you know, come, I'm gonna be with my socks for a long time after just retirement year, but come January first twenty twenty. That'll put me in a in a very elite club and that club being they can only find four guys. I'm sure there's more, but you're right or.

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