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There's another word for that that people use. Yes. Right. Yeah. It is sort of like how we can't not make things sexual in our culture. For example. Halloween is coming up. You can be anything you want make it sexy. It's even better. Would you like to know who's on the sexy grandparent lists? Can I guess sorry? This sexy. My grandmother list. Yeah. Freebies. Give me Kris Jenner. Okay. Kris jenner. Also, I don't know who sexy. I gave you the second one. I gave you was Goldie Hawn. So that's the second sexy, grandma. Okay, Diana Ross. Sure, she's a sexy grandma. Tina knowles. Also, what is sexy mean like I want to have the sex with? When you're saying sexy, grandma. Do you mean? Like god. Oh god. With fire wanted. You. Just see I'm sorry. What type sexy grandma? Google or shoot, you know, do it cold. Something happened. The. The images poly. No. Were enough. Oh, these are all fine. They're all PG. See the words I'm looking not looking at the words, I'm looking at the images, and it's just people in swimsuits. It's fine. I'm not doing it. I will tell. I'm troubled that this this Hollywood lifeless of sexy grandmas because Priscilla Presley is on the list. Have you seen? Me put this away. He's still looking at sexy grandma's. I'm Google images. Priscilla presley. Okay. I don't know. I thought that's what you were reacting to when you were having that reaction. I'm just saying granny. I just think there's a weird because of our like weird repressed society that we live in. It's a little awkward to connect loving images of grandma to sex. That's kind of part of it. Like, I'm not saying that older women women of a certain age can't be sexy. Of course, they can be sexy. It's using those two words next to each other like to meet my grandma was comforting source who. Brown chicken Brown. Cow. You never know. Okay. I'm just saying. Talk about how we made cookies together. In the kitchen. Okay. I was not trying to go down. The.

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