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But that blizzard was something and you remember The next day after the blizzard, the temperatures plunged and McCormick Place burned down. Yeah, that's right. For Larry that's often forget. Yeah, suspiciously, too. It's almost brand new. Yeah, it was bring you. In fact, they made Titanic like statements about it saying this is this is fireproof. It'll never hurt afterwards and Fire Commission said Hey, if anything gets hot enough, it'll burn. And that was that was, uh, wasn't a big problem. For most people, of course, is a snow storm, which took took days to get to dig out, you know? No, that was here was weeks to get back to normal. I mean, I I remember reading about it. Hearing it on the other side. Like I grew up Michigan. We had the Tribune the sometimes and watch the coverage from Chicago to we. We had the same storm. Obviously, over there, Erica, Thanks so much. Stay warm. Thank you very much for having me on John. Always a pleasure. Always a pleasure to have you. We'll have you back soon. I'm sure Snow 23 inches of it is on the ground in the South suburban area this afternoon. That was the grand total as of nine this morning that included another 2.8 inches that fell during the early morning hours. Now that does sound like Frank Reynolds to me, John Dempsey. I think so. I think that is Frank. All right, Let's get an update at 6 33. What do you think is next for Donald Trump? I'm predicting a My mega trump tour coast to coast and big venues. Maybe even outdoor stadiums can pocket that money. My mega 2021 or my mega 2022 tour brought to you by My pillow. My mega my pillow. Our next guest thinks the same. Let's get into that straight ahead here on Double D. Ls that snow has already started to fall in Chicago. The winter storm warning In a fact, let's get right to the W LS. Weather Channel forecast snow tonight 100% Chance of snow tonight 3 to 5 inches this evening. And if the snow isn't bad enough, how about those winds? The winds could occasionally gust over 40 miles an hour tonight. Making travel extremely difficult. Then tomorrow light snow in the morning transitioning to more snow in the afternoon temperatures tomorrow, nearly steady in the low to mid thirties. But it's also going to be windy again tomorrow so we could have 5 to 8 inches before it is all over. Right now. We have flurries asleep at Midway Flurries at O'Hare. Like snow in Aurora. It's falling just about all over the Chicago area right now. 32 with Lake 33 at Midway 32 degrees officially at O'Hare with a wind chill of 20. When questions I dots, which will be a plowing the the expressways and the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation They are standing by the city has 280 salt spreaders ready to hit the arterial streets first. And then lakeshore drive before they attack the side Streets, some breaking news tonight, The Chicago Tribune is reporting that eight Mork cases of that highly contain just Corona virus variants. Have now been identified in Illinois. That means a total of nine cases of the variant. Have now been confirmed. In Illinois. All of them have been in Cook County, including in the city of Chicago. This variant was first found in the United Kingdom..

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