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The jets for the following year coming back and going to a team much better team with Santonio Holmes as the clutch please down it will judge and I thought you beat the still is a about okay what happened they left it all in a win win brawl they did they gave me four nine nine you're right that you know the defense got beat up in the first half in a game in a just a made a run they just couldn't get there in a second chance and it sounds crazy jail because we know what is careers turned out to be I still think it is that if the jets when he got off the field on third down and Ben Roethlisberger vert I keep a winning I agree because we had we had they had run the goal line you could put it yeah Tomlinson on for the gold couldn't get it could get it so all you know the ultimate what could we read that came to it all right is that that disaster freezing my rear end be nice to actually go to a state title game and to be nice to will like I have it here at the beautiful the best the best football stadium in east Rutherford there's no better football stadium it is rather for the met life rob this is too cool I mean you guys already job I mean I you know you're probably better results for so talking to Joe twenty four years first year overnight ninety five no I was not your bicycle job was to radio in York PA there's a call Joe overnight right first doing it right up to the Rangers won the Cup so yeah I'm supporting my wife knew the wholesale to the OB joy buzzer right now well played if you're a big fan I do not want to trade cry to me to me I don't want to use your going to get it done I'd like to go to turn his couple reasons why first of all is a home grown Rangers yes second hold on him because and these other great you any ideas you go to even a trait Kreider because it is the business salary cap if you don't want to pay it all is nonsense and any gonna be looking for guidance as good as him you know what I'm talking about how to fully because he like quite a big body was hi with the third place for LA place a place on the top line is the the up believe me the okay unrestricted next year it would be less money than quieter these I don't want these home grown guys on says until I do want to seize a corolla goal okay let him go I I mean I don't want to see this guy go I love your passion for the home grown player these guys the world is I love these guys in the hall guy he's been a Rangers all is all career he's only twenty nine he's seventy rific year he's mess tremendously was a bad a jag can we keep the guy in the one the two apparently they ought to look at the warm it's a raging his talk at the Gordon so we'll see what we can do anything right St the GT can pull this off who else is out there beside the garlic powder legally only type of player that is unique like that's a big body could get the phone can score goals can get down well below the goal line in Inglewood what part of the battle the Rangers need they need to address the work the fact that the player right but I really want to mention to you guys John you're you Jake it's not like I am already in we've I've really I've been going he lives in thank you not right now still let's rates are going to get that but yes rally with John you know what I really do believe that the Yankees are built for the regular season okay and I don't people gonna get on me about this but looking back in LA now is exactly the type of player that the Yankees needless I think they want to give me a hand some of the bands you when I pulled I I understand I love your writing you need to win they don't they don't know what is common about itself use the point I think rob is trying to what she's worried now listen he's worried about the fact that the Yankees have a very marginal and nothing type a line up and I get that they just went out and gave their call I wanna make sure I get the numbers that a nine year three hundred twenty four million dollar contract right having a fraud top of the line AT snowball one picture that they have not had the last few years the I did it in a given you if get through the season first there's nothing that ball I wonder why he would not have gotten the narrative will ponder hang on good luck we get about it after the war he bets which of these nothing that bothers me more than I go back to last year with the Yankee fan we need Manny Machado we need Bryce Harper hold on a second hand gesture squiggly Torricella did they give Giancarlo Stanton the mourners stars even old so for that it's been a massive disappointment I like guys like the Salem area I like guys like jury shall fight with well the show is your shows going to give it a year gave you last year he's going to be it's good to I think you could be a productive land law there too and that's another guy I love the fact it into our could now kinda late in the week right right work a little bit the outfield work a little bit of first base and just be you gotta keep calm and be slasher that could complement the fact the Iraqis boppers in a line up right I thank you what it's going to have to prove they can the month of October having somebody like your call take the pressure off nice place to start yeah now you run a hundred percent eight seven seven thirty three seven sixty six sixty six and we'll get to see the baseball the role from a gal I do harm but shell we got force well what I have use that when you go out to everyone microphone is stated the case the numbers have been crunched in the time for talk is over that's when you go to bed and GM dot com I know that you you you you you never gamble side this is probably not going to do.

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