Edwin, President Trump, Turkey discussed on Global News Podcast - Trump to brief US Senate on North Korea


By election observers he certainly feels a survey a in bold enough to continue with the purged since the failed coup last year so i'm over thousand people detained today mainly in the police force and arrest warrant issued for many more assign also that he feels that he can do this now because he may be he would not jeopardize potential referendum votes an and as a really an indication of the purchase to let up i mean one institution that has not yet been targeted by that detentions an arrest since the failed coup is the governing party itself which was previously very close to veterans land the cleric the government blames for the failed coup so perhaps that is next in line to be hit but now we got forty thousand people arrested since that failed push last year and is the fear that anyone who disagrees has present edwin is going to be arrested well that certainly the the claim of critics end of opponents here that the basically an authoritarian president has seized the moment to clamp down and and arrestable critics o of the tens of thousands have been arrested or dismissed or spended wherever one hundred sixty thousand in total have been caught up in the purge many of them say they have obscene no attend no link tool with dan for example right in sweden eighty two year old niro psychologist a few a couple of weeks ago she's was turkey's first near a cycle just one of the country's most eminent academics and she basically was was was dismissed because she had opposed turkey's policy toward the kurds that is certainly the claim now that he's using this moment clamp down on all critics and and clamped down hard was mark learn speaking from istanbul.

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