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It's only a game until you bet it at GSI. He's Barry Zito former baseball pitcher three-time all-star cy young won the world series in two thousand twelve and has a new book called curb or how I discovered true fulfillment after chasing acing fortune and fame available online and wherever books are sold and Berry joins us here in the New York City Man Cave. Did you realize that it's been about fifteen years since we last cross paths. I didn't Sam believe it spring training two thousand four with fifteen years ago that's scary yeah and I was doing a bullpen session. I was with with Rob Dibble and then you guys. I think you said let's get the radar gun. Let's see what you can top out at and I went. I rather that I you know it was just like man. I think he was throwing pretty pretty hard there. Instead of okay here's the jugs gun and I think I topped out at seventy one. Oh Yeah I was hoping you wouldn't throw it on me happy about about that now. Did I throw harder than Jamie. Moyer did Jamie that guy's a Nigga. He was getting guys out with like seventy nine mile an hour fastball. What does that happen? It's it's the mental witchery something but when you throw a pitch like how many times did you throw a pitch and go oh boy this is bad. Oh yeah like you know well. You know as a pitcher people don't know this but the way that the ball field off your fingertips a lot of times you can tell at that point. Let's see if it's going to be a good pitcher not even location wise I mean when Matt timing hits up so you know sometimes that change would come out of my hand and I only know and of course it would be a double in the gap or home run or or Homerun well they do you remember one sound Greg. Maddux would always tell me a homegrown was like cars crashing like there was just this sound and it's it's unmistakable like like. Did you ever have one of those moments where it just stood out where you went. Oh my God. Where's IT GONNA land? you know it's funny a lot of guys when they gave up a homer. They stared down the hitter. You're right because they know the second they see the pitcher yeah. But why are you staring down the hitter yeah like Oh you it's not he's. He did what he's supposed to do. That's he's been working. His whole life have to do that. Yeah no I I would always turn around and just hope and pray that it wouldn't go over even though I knew it was going to be thirty rows deep so I was the guy that turned around and Oh no the man who hit the longest home run off you. Don't you like here. You've done all these here. We go. Nobody cares about what you did right. We want to know what you saw. All this is fun okay. This is going to be totally out of the archives. Corey Kaczynski in the Metrodome for those you have been in the Metrodome and Minnesota the Oldfield this this thing was in the top deck literally in Right Center so the third deck in the Metrodome was nobody ever sat up there and they had these big tarps yeah but he hit one in the third deck enright center. It wasn't down the line in the third deck. Corey Kaczynski hit a bomb. Oh my then my ego crushed corey cost game yeah. That's all right. Let me let me go. We were talking about you. Okay first of all if you're listening on the radio and you don't know what Barry Zito looks like your you're you're handsome guy. You're like A. WB actor like you'd be on the WB somewhere that is the highest compliment okay and then you decide to play guitar like not really unfair to the rest of us. It's ball hogging is right. That's good you know I'll. I'll tell you why started playing guitar. I mean I knew I was going to be on these bus trips nightmare. I saw bull Durham like every other kid growing up and so the second I signed with the Oakland athletics out of college. I started playing guitar because I knew I was gonna be going nuts on these road trips. That's literally the only reason I did it and did you take after anybody. Did you model your guitar playing after I think a lot of kids in that generation were dave matthews influenced you met Dave. I have met Dave a few times yeah you know. He has no idea who you are what you did right now. You know what we had this guy that used to run a private jet company that I knew he he knew Dave and he introduced us. You know it's funny. My wife was with me and she walks by Dave and Dave makes a comment about her and I'm like Hey I'm over here buddy and he looks at her and gives her the up and down and I'm like okay whatever we can get in right you could have taken him. Yeah could've Guetta but Dave Matthews has no sports knowledge whatsoever. I don't think so no no no I've been around him. I was with Darius Rucker yeah and he said hey just so you know. Dave is not going to know anything about you. I'm thinking are you kidding me. Of course he knows you'll make back stage and I go. Hey embarrassed goes. Hey Dan Patrick and Dave Matthews spent about three seconds. Maybe and went oh I used to then he goes right to Darius and I go. I'll be damned. He has has no idea who I am. Fast forward to. I did a sandler movie with him and I told him about that and he goes and and I go well you like. I thought thank you know sports. He goes no my drummer. Does Oh Carter Fan Button. Dave had no idea whatsoever and that funny yeah a lot of these creatives man their the time in their own little laboratory you know doing their thing was bull. How accurate was bull? Oh that was the most accurate baseball movie that there is that there ever was. What's your favorite story from the minor leagues that you can tell my favorite story was Gosh first time ever signed you? You know I basically my first couple of days in professional baseball I drive up to California for my home in L. A. A couple of hours north and the the catcher takes me out to the El Presidente invi Celia was the hottest barn town proceeds to shove the chiefs Akilah in existence down my throat and and I show up to the field the next day literally almost falling down in the outfield because I just my body had no water in it whatsoever and so I asked my coach who was Kurt hurt young at the time Kurt you think I can go down to the ER get a couple of bags of saline. 'cause I need some hydration and that was Louis my third day in pro ball so I didn't come out with a great reputation. Get in trouble. I mean I was a first rounder. Some maybe a little more slack than the other guys but that was the last time I ever did that. you know oh I I do the story the portrayal which part of it well they don't mention the pitching staff yeah like you guys are an afterthought in moneyball in the movie like all it is is about your these hitters who take a lot of pitches like it's it's the Scott Hattiesburg store. I know yeah it's it may not be super accurate to what happened I mean we also had an MVP that year Miguel Tejada and they didn't mention in that either the moneyball it sounds in theory like oh wow that's that's need but in reality you had a great hitter and you had a great staff. You had a Greek closer. You can have money ball if you have those things in place right. Yes no baseball team is going to perform well without great pitching. We know we know that that certainly in the playoffs and you know the original script to that film was actually more of the story that was true to form but they thought it was not gonNA sell well in the theaters theaters so the whole thing got canned started over and they found a new writer new director and everything so memo me Moulder nutty were actually GonNa have cameos in the first version of that movie and then you guys didn't get anything that we never got all after that scrimps Is it going to be a sequel moneyball. What would the hell when the sequel in moneyball that'd be interesting man my mind's racing everywhere right now you know it's funny the Jami store that could be great? Oh boy that could could be good he was he was now. I I love Jason. I thought he was always entertaining and Wacky wacky. Jason had an uncanny ability to show up to the field with with a couple of big MACs and fries and then go like three for four with two bombs but did you. Did you ever see the gold song did you ever I did see the phone. John had incredible Tan as well and and oddly no tan lines with the phone. So did you ever wear that Thong I never did had no. I was a young buck. Jason Barely ever talked to me. Oh yeah he was a huge leader in the clubhouse but he was not like the Ron guy he kind of lead by example and he would let you know when on your outline but Jason Actually kept himself quite a bit he was pretty good. I remember the homerun Derby Milwaukee Polian I we we were with Jami the night before and he got plastered any Jason Yeah go figure out and he was in a full sweat prior to homerun derby like was well. He was drinking ginger Ale and he goes. I don't know if I go out there and he goes well. Maybe I'll just go out there and then I'll just you know bail out the first round and then he set the record in the first round of the Homerun Derby and it was it was one of the more incredible performances but I couldn't tell anybody that he was hammered. He was still drunk. I think during Homerun Derby that's so wonderful now listen there is somethin' to performance and when you're a little when you're not totally crisp and your little tired I have heard some stories about some great performances in the history of the major leagues where the guys actually were outmost the night before and they came back into these historic things that we've all heard of David Wells did that yes David Wells was one. Did you ever do that did not work for me. Really I may have tried that once in the minor leagues it didn't work so I was probably too rested on my star. Today's the new book is called curb how I discovered shoop fullfilment after chasing fortune.

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