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Is interview on Friday was Benny snow. He was he kept my really well. They're really confident really cares Matic. And and you know, I mean I liked him. Connor and I like, Jim San was this kid that'd be he could be a like a breakout favorite among the fan base. Sooner rather than later as far as the guys who came today. I don't know like I know a lot about them. But you know, here's things that Holton as far as the speed and his his special teams abilities. But we We are. are things about other players like him in the past two. So you know, I'm I'm not going to get to excited. You know? I think once we see with these guys in training camp, then than, you know, learn some some a fan favorite credentials right now. And it's let these guys. Let let the rest of the center for I'm making a judgment on any of the guys that that you know, they signed over. We don't really know don't know a whole lot about any of those guys yet. Well, here's my perception of the little that I saw in the little that was reported. First of all Devin Bush is coming in like a leader already. He's calling calling signals. He's you could tell that. He's coming in prepared. He just seemed like the guy, and that's exactly what we want Justin lane. Well, now just the only one that has not signed his deal of yet. Don't worry. He's going to. I mean going through the guy the guy changed his bathroom for the Steelers. The guy had a Cleveland Browns bathroom, and which I can't say anything because I have a Steeler stuff through my basement in the man cave. It's completely gold walls stuff all around. I mean, it's a complete Steeler bathroom. I did have a little. On the toilet. That said Raven's nest. You know because it was a toilet. It just seemed right? And I once had a sign on the toilets and said, if it's Brown flush it down, and I look Cleveland helmet on it. It was a homemade sign. I should really. I should really have that that thing made. But. That would be good idea. Anybody wants gift ideas for me have a really nice if it's Brown flush it down with the the Browns helmet on it. That'd be perfect for my toilet. With that being said just lane had a really cool Cleveland bathroom 'cause longtime Cleveland fan is like no it's done. We are not Cleveland fans anymore. And this reminds me of a very famous Steeler story from way back in nineteen seventy six and the two time champs drafted a man named heard them heard of them number seventy six John Benazech. Oh, you remember that guy? Hey, especially I mean, he's he's still around in in the Pittsburgh area. Longtime coach great player for the Steelers. In fact, I thought he made that he made that defense even stronger when when he came in and became a starter on the team, but anyways band Zach was like he was not drafted. But he got a free agent deal with the Steelers and his family was upset because they were from Cleveland. They were longtime Cleveland fans, and like he's like, yeah. I gotta break this to my dad. I've got to go ahead and let my dad knew that. I I went to the enemy, and I guess it took a while. But I think after two Super Bowls later, I guess they were all in black and gold, but Justin lane that huge huge Browns fan, and he's like, son. I'm with you. I mean, so he's he's putting all the Brown and orange away. Join in the Steelers so feeler nation. So Mr. lane, we're glad to have you. And can't wait to see what a son does. But you brought up any snow junior. And his words when he I loved his interview 'cause he didn't cocky whatsoever. He seemed confident but wasn't cocky, but when he said, hey, it's just Benny smell football. They're like what is still football. Any explain where it was? And I I.

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