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Young and wolves do the same thing. All species adapt a strategy for rearing young. Some have lots of offspring and give a little to no parental input like fish land thousands of eggs in the biology world. This is termed our selection or an are adapted species remember that the r. stands for reproduction and lots of reproduction. Other species puts significant inputs in smaller numbers of offspring like an elephant which it's calf stays with the mother for three to five years. this is called case election. Que refers to carrying capacity even though those are two sees not sure the connection. Humans and wolves are both k. Adapted species meaning that we put a lot of parental input into are awesome. A wolf pup would respond pretty well to how humans obviously to raise it. And that's why dogs we kinda see puppies like babies to us now There's like that hierarchy that they're used to and they they feed off of social cues so if you watched wolves hunt or wolves each one always eats. I stayed back and wait till later. That's something humans could replicate in the past or just all sorts of little things. Like that and i contact as well like you could just be like no and directly raise your voice and do it and it might stay back kind of thing. I guess the other thing too is that they have built into the structure of their biology. A desire to submit to something like there is a. There's a boss. And so. I mean in the dog human relationship. The human is always the boss. Yeah and i know. There's a lot of debate with like dog training methods. If that's the way to go about it and stuff like that. But i genuinely think it helped humans dogs like coexist together in the past whether or not. It's a good training method or not. You know it's crazy how much we have to pay for outdated impersonal healthcare and even crazier that we all just accept it. It's time to face facts. Healthcare is backcourts. 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Monk star buddies in this community of diehard silverado fans and hunting and fishing continues to grow true story. Boys i bought a brand new chevy silverado in twenty fifteen. I have now one hundred seventy six thousand miles on that truck. I have driven it. All across the united states of america hall and mules no joke for trips to montana to colorado trip to new mexico hall and mules. And i've never done anything to that truck but changed the oil service transmission and put a new set of brakes on it no joke. I love my chevy silverado. This chevy silverado was designed and engineered and built to thrive in the great outdoors. In fact more than one hundred years. Chevy trucks have been the trusted partners for those with a passion for outdoor lifestyle for the ultimate off road adventure the chevy silverado trail boss. Man i'd like to have one of those is ready for off road right from the factory with the two inch. Factory lift automatic. Locking really differentiates rancho shocks dual. Exhaust goodyear wrangler dirt track tires and trail. Boss like every silverado has the durra bad. The largest most functional cargo bed of any competitive pickup goes to chevy dot com or your local chevy dealer and see for yourself. What happens when legendary dependability. Which invalid for with us old truck. I've got meets modern capability the chevy silverado. The strongest most advanced silverado. Ever talk to me about dog is so dogs. Have what's called are all domestic animals. have what's called. Niazi and neon me is just accentuated juvenile features so if you look at a baby chimp we're going to go. Oh wow it's cute. Baby chipmunk you're gonna say oh well it's cute but to keep something juvenile and like behaving not aggressively When you keep selecting for that trait it's going to end up looking like that. Are the ancestors of cows are gone. But their horns of shrunk bunch sheep is a move on and then the ibex is the goat. All their horns of shrunk. So when you do that with dogs. They're kinda of shrinks a little bit. Their teeth get a little smaller and their whole body gets a little smaller and they stay cuter and there is have gotten bigger so what that does is. We're accentuating is like you. And i are looking at the right now. We have the white sclera in our eyes. Were among the only animals to have that. That's accentuated as much as it is and then we've brought that out in dogs so that we can both make eye contact with each other read emotions. So what's your most animals have is that are completely colored like you look at the eye of the deer and it's like so you can't pick up nuances of eye. Movement with the white in our eyes were able to communicate more clearly with there is that is that what you're describing correct. Yeah that's credible and is pretty cool champs have it guerrillas habit. Not all the time. They're iris takes up most of their deer horse. You just said because there is white but it's it's underneath the eyelids you don't see it like like what horse or mule. Yeah we've selected for that puppy dog trait in the public. We didn't do that intentionally. though. I don't i don't think so because somebody in like the mess olympic in a cave wasn't like i'm going to make this things is bigger but it just kind of happens over time is you're selecting for that that juvenile behavior like if it if you had a litter of pups yet six pups and there were two of them that you felt a stronger connection to in probably. The person didn't even realize why they had a stronger connection to this dog. They could just communicate with this dog better. They had visual things that they liked about the dog better. They would lean towards nurturing. That dog and the survival of that dog would be much more sure. Is that right. So i may dislike. They would just over time. Overdoing that for a thousand generations of dogs you begin to see what at one time was nuance become like a dominant trait which would be like white around the eyes and is that looked human exactly. Yeah you're just accentuating that that is our man it is in. Have you heard of the siberian fox experiment. At all i.

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