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Guerrero, hey, died of cancer, but he's been replaced with them. His successor who's Nelson Chamisa and again, very organized. It's it's a very tight contest. So the question is which ways to tip suspect that mister Magoo Gua will will win. But I mean, I know I don't have a crystal ball into the future, but presumably if he does win, then the sensible thing to do would be to work with Mr. mecer and to find a way forward. And certainly when you had this, this. Handover of power from Mr Mugabe you found the ten, the investors international investors who previously been on the sidelines because I didn't like the wave. It's in bubbly was going. They will think they felt quite reassured from some. The noises that were coming out to Mr. Magog was mouth. But again, it's now down to the electorate, whether he wins over this, this pocket of supporters, the white farmers substantial polka hasten to add in terms the reaction to the speech. They've had so far Fisher, which they heard from this Magog well, it was welcomed. You had one woman who said, what attorney for the books. It was great for the first time in thirty eight years to be spoken to like this now, almost page of the Sunday. Telegraph this morning is another story. There's an intriguing headline. I mean, this could apply to any number of is, I guess we're only probably is your favorite president did nothing wrong. That is the headline. It's actually it's actually putting in quotation wells and it's the headline onto Trump questions. They got us to tape of his conversation with lawyer about. Payments to model. I mean, the thing is Donald Trump. He's, he's the best free show in town really, but I'm this. This relates to is very comparable to simplify that. Basically, he's responding to to these claims that a conversation he had had with his lawyer. Michael Cohen was tight recorded and this recording does exist. We know this because Mr. Trump's attorneys is the former New York mitt, Rudy Giuliani, and he's confirmed it. Now the this type is in the hands of the FBI. They rated Michael Coen's offices, and it supposedly revolves around this conversation with about about what to do with with with the issue of carom Donald's. Now, caramel do goulashes kind of Dougal was a playboy model, and she said that she has an affair with Mr. Trump which lost for about a year. It started off the birth of his son Barron. This fast in two thousand six shortly. Ultimate swath Milan Malania gave birth to their son. Now. She said that she sold her story to the National Enquirer that fine publication. But we all love reading. Extrordinary hold on the truth, but she said that she sold her story to the National Enquirer and they pay to one hundred fifty thousand dollars. But apparently there was a practice catching kills enough was you get the story and you spike, you publish it. This guy who owns the national enquirers big fan of Donald Trump. Yeah, that's right. It is. The champ is called David pecker. He's the chairman of parent company American media. He's a great friend of Mr. Trump's supporter. So the the, the all is that he, this story was spiked when when Donald Trump was candidate Trump on the turn, the money which went to to pay Dougal it could the fence where you could actually see that as a campaign contribution because after all, explain the story and not bit of his, his pulse was was died down. Now Rudolf to yell and he said, yes, this tape doesn't exist, but the proposed payment was a personal matter a not subject to campaign fund. Ons. It was simply an attempt to resolve false allegations. Now, the problem that I have with this number a lawyer is if somebody's saying something about you, which is blatantly untrue, you say, you retract that and you apologize. All see you in court, and there was no see you in court. Somebody checkbook pays off it quite make sense. Even if they're going to say, and you can see an argument where you would say, look, you know, they're supposed to be client privilege here. Conversations between lawyers necklines supposed to be confidential, and so you tape recording that conversation, isn't it self inherently dodgy activity box, the that someone was going around offering six figure sums to people buying their stories of alleged fast, Donald Trump, and then on them burying them never publishing them. That's not lawyer client confidentiality..

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