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A description of the Tattoo was released to the local media and featured in news reports on the crime. Stave McGowan was at home when he's telephone rang at around ten am. On the other line was a friend of these missing SISTA. Beverly. She'd just heard the news of the woman's body found in Saint Lucie County. The victim had a tattoo of a yellow rose on her right ankle. Just locked beverly. The following day stave and Jane drove to Saint Lucie County to speak with investigators. They provided a photograph of Beverly's Rose Tattoo but declined to view the mutilated body as they found the prospect to distressing. The pair were nevertheless certain. The woman was their sister. They told investigators that Beverley had another tattoo just above her waist lawn of a rub it from the animated Disney Film Bambi. This tattoos location matched the victims abdomen wound. It appeared as though the perpetrator had cut out the rabbit tattooed to hinder the identification process but had missed the Rose Tattoo. The decapitation was also imperfect as a portion of the victims lower jaw still remained. A dental expert compared a tooth and filling from the remains to beverly McGowan's dental records. Four days after Beverly Siblings received her body. Lettuce, Shay was officially identified as the woman found by the Saint Lucie County Irrigation Canal. A medical examiners struggled to establish a cause of death due to the severe mutilation. Beverly's Abdomen Tattoo had likely bank KC with a knife while chainsaw was used to remove hands.

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