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Jamie Smith Male Christmas presents from San Francisco's Richmond district to her family in Arizona on December 11th paid for priority shipping to be delivered on the 14th. Never showed up. I know lost or just the lady. I don't know remains to be seen. Well, do you remember in Colorado? They got their first in and out Burger restaurant to to, actually. Okay. We did a sweet A couple stories on us on the program that work people lined up for. I mean, obscene amount like 12 hours. I mean, I'm thinking like, where would you eat and use the facilities? In that time they were drive through, I guess or whatever. Itwas so. Just the past few days, The burger chain has been linked to a covert 19 outbreak. Get this 80 80 employees in the two restaurants. The to the only two in Colorado have tested positive with unexpected 25 more probably have it. They just haven't been confirmed. I thought they checked. I mean, every day like you know, the truth, the temperature and the you know the whole nine. Yeah. I mean, how does that happen? I wonder. And what does this do for the big roll up for in and out in Colorado, right? These are the only ones too. And only. Yeah, first, too, right? Yeah. Yeah, People are waiting in lines. I mean, hopefully they're okay. But among the employees that that's a lot between the two rest, it's almost probably almost everyone. Well, you would think Right. Okay. How will we watch movies in the future? Tom Hanks says he thinks he knows we roll out his audio clips in three minutes on those happen to my city sacramental voices. You could Drugs. I like that. It's local Kristina Matanza, Sam Shane Kitty O'Neil breaking news, local news depth perspective mornings and afternoons being connected with Sacramento's.

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