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I. five from the Boeing freeway up toward state route five to eight and we have on highway nine south bound just south of south to twenty eight a collision blocking the right lane numerous road closures because of flooding as Apollo part road still close between may valley road and ninety six they make maple valley one six nine is closed between two thirty first and one ninety six and we have a full rundown on our website companies dot com next couple traffic of four fourteen and como eco roof forecast now here's meteorologist Shannon o'donnell for Friday afternoon we're getting ready for another store it's going to get increasingly wet as we head into this evening including for the commute gusty winds picking up thirty to fifty miles per hour so that could bring down a few trees because the ground is so saturated we might lose power in a few spots as result and if you have trouble in mind get across sooner rather than later a winter storm warning for gusty and snowy conditions is our Friday night goes on lingering snow into Saturday and by the time we've talented up it will be a fresh ten to twenty inches all the way down even the so called me pass in the global weather center I'm meteorologist Shannon o'donnell over Snoqualmie pass things are fine right now no restrictions with Stevens traction tires are advise with the fifty degrees and cloudy skies in downtown Seattle we are seeing some southerly winds blowing up above twenty five miles an hour come on his time for six clean up is now under way in the city of this acquire after the worst flooding main seen in more than a decade today the water around parts of a supply has receded and what's laughter is lots and lots of mud creek said apartment is one of three apartments where residents had to evacuate yesterday now there's a lot to clean up in the parking lot slowly return home this morning describes what he has seen his dad is really bad today and it looks like it's.

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